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featured by Cosmopola : Glamour 2020 and The Golden Twenties – ARTDECO COSMETICS commercials by beauty photographer FRAUKE FISCHER and DIRECTOR ANNEKATRIN MEYERS c/o COSMOPOLA

Individuality, inspiration and the high art of make-up are the driving force behind ARTDECO – to develop products that inspire the joy of using make-up and contribute to more self-confidence. The COSMOPOLA team led by FRAUKE FISCHER (photos) and ANNEKATRIN MEYERS (directing, editing, post) got the chance twice this year to go to work for ARTDECO. In front of the camera stood Krysia c/o VIVA MODELS, with styling by Mareen Aland and make-up by Melanie SCHOENE c/o NINA KLEIN. Production was in the hands of COSMOPOLA.

Working for the beauty client is a great pleasure for the agency, and it is already looking forward to the shoots in 2021. As the market leader in German specialty stores, the mission of ARTDECO for 35 years has been to enhance the charisma and self-confidence of each and every woman with decorative cosmetics. Meanwhile, women in around 70 countries worldwide are thrilled about the high-quality products. The innovative family business is headquartered near Munich.
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