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Marion Walter


AB · Casting Agency · Photo Prod
Hamburg, Ibiza
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news No half measures ! - MARION WALTER produces the TePe oral health spot with actor and everyone’s favorite Jürgen Vogel … and meet Marion Walter at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

‘Te and Pe simply belong together…’ – The agency Red Roses and the client TePe commissioned MARION WALTER with art buying and production of the new TePe campaign. With actor Jürgen Vogel in the lead role, the entire project was bound to be a complete success and a particularly fun job as well – which it turned out to be.

Marion Walter, Producer : “The atmosphere on set was great the whole time. The cheerful and lively way we all got along was the best setting to produce a fantastic image film as well as various shorter, but still very entertaining social media videos.”

In 1965, TePe launched a triangular toothpick onto the market and is today a global company with subsidiaries and distributors around the world. TePe is still privately owned and headquartered in Malmö, Sweden.

TePe on choosing Jürgen Vogel as the brand ambassador : “Our mouths play an important role in our lives – we eat, kiss, sing, and laugh with them. But we can only really do so in a carefree way when our mouths...

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