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featured by GoSee ADVERTISING : GoSee Tip : The BFF 2022 Promotion Awards is looking for the twelve best young photography talents, who convey inspiring perspectives and food for thought to envision the world of tomorrow… Art, Stills, Food, Reportage or Experimental

Once each year, the BFF – aka the Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Creators – offers a one-of-a-kind scholarship to promote twelve participants with BFF mentors, including illustrious names such as DARIUS RAMAZANI, MONICA MENEZ, KATJA RUGE, MAXIMILIAN KÖNIG, STEPHAN LUCIUS LEMKE, ASJA CASPARITOBIAS HABERMANN and KAI UWE GUNDLACH, as well as multiple-day workshops culminating in an awards ceremony in the beautiful Baltic Sea resort Zingst, followed by an exhibition tour.

This year’s theme is ‘And then everything was blue’. BFF is looking for the twelve best young photography talents with inspiring perspectives of the world of tomorrow. Awaiting the participants chosen by the expert jury is a unique BFF photographer mentoring program, € 1000 in production funding, multiple-day workshops, prizes from EIZO and ADOBE, as well as presentation at the exhibition premiere in gallery quality produced by Whitewall in cooperation with Epson, the awards ceremony, the promotion awards magazine and plenty of media attention!

“Back when I was the BFF Chairman, I already loved the days in Hamburg and Zingst, when all of the participants and mentors would come together, work on the concepts, exchange ideas, cook together in the evening and spend an intensive time with one another,” Darius RAMAZANI tells GoSee.

This year’s jury is made up of Alice Feja (Head of Art Buying, Kolle Rebbe), Anna Gripp (Photonews), Simone Gutberlet (Head of Art Buying, C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH), Prof. Dr. Markus Hilgert (Secretary General of the Cultural Foundation of the German Federal States), Sebastian Lux (F.C. Gundlach Foundation), Götz Schleser (Photographer, BFF Chairman), and Edda Fahrenhorst (Curator of horizons zingst Environmental Photo Festival).

The works by the new finalists will be produced by BFF main partner Whitewall in cooperation with EPSON and presented at the opening weekend of horizons zingst Environmental Photo Festival from 20 – 29 May, 2022. During which the three winners will also be awarded.

Eligible for application through 14 November, 2021, are students of Photography, Photo Design, Communication Design, Visual Communication and Liberal Arts in the fourth semester or higher, as well as freelance photography assistants, with at least two years and a maximum of four years of experience assisting, from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Applicants can be no older than thirty years of age.  Further information is available via BFF. In charge of the competition are BFF members Sonja Hofmann and Götz Schleser.
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featured by Double T Photographers : ‘Thalus Lemon – Water in a Box’ – photographed for the Luxembourg-based water start-up by Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS

THALUS is a start-up with headquarters in Luxembourg which specializes in spring water : “We know that toxin-free water is important for our health, and we also know that plastic stinks and carbon pollution does too. Which is why we package our spring water in Tetra Pak and source it from a nearby family company which only uses green power.”

The spring water is now also available in a lemon flavor. The campaign for it was photographed by Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS : “Max just shot again for Thalus Water in a Box, a Luxembourg-based start-up. By the way, besides the people motifs, still motifs were also photographed by Max.” 

Why the water is named THALUS? Company founder Pit Romersa, a drummer in a previous life, got the idea for the name after reading about Thales von Milet, a Greek scientist and philosopher who understood the essential divinity of water in ancient times. So Pit thought : “Cool, I like that.” 

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featured by Double T Photographers : ‘On stage, the world is on pause for me!’ – Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS portrays popular singer Adel Tawil, and we have the motif for you on GoSee

This summer, Adel Tawil released his new single ‘Die Welt steht auf Pause’, or the world is on pause. The promo photo for the reboot came from Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T. The singer is now working on his ninth album – that is, when the proud father’s two-year-old daughter gives him time to. The new PR material about Adel Tawil was created for the label BMG Rights Management.

Born in Berlin, Adel Salah Mahmoud Eid El-Tawil is a German pop musician, songwriter, and producer who is known particularly for his collaboration with the band ‘The Boyz’, and above all, with the band ‘Ich + Ich’ at the side of the ingenious Annette Humpe.

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