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News // 8 News by Michael Mueller

MICHAEL MUELLER : campaign shoot for Liechtenstein-based bank LLB and Zurich-based agency Hochspannung Kommunikation

On commission for Zurich-based agency Hochspannung Kommunikation AG, MARKUS MUELLER photographed eight motifs for the international campaign of universal bank LLB, based in Liechtenstein. It focuses on the various statements of bank customers and their real-world needs.

At the heart of the campaign is “I want a bank that …”, the beginning of a sentence leading to a wide variety of statements made by individual bank customers expressing their actual needs. For which Markus photographed four strong portraits.

Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG (LLB) was founded in 1861 and is the oldest financial institution in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The country holds the majority of shares.

The shoot was produced by Markus’s agency NEUBAUERSCHWARZ and Julia Christl from Lucky You Productions. Responsible for the film was DOP Daniel Goldhahn, with post production by Maxi de Witt.
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‘You Drive, We Care’ – sports, people, and lifestyle photographer Michael Müller photographs the DKV Mobility campaign

DKV Mobility is Europe’s market leader for premium services covering all aspects of on-the-road supply and mobility for truck and car fleets. In Düsseldorf, MICHAEL MÜLLER and his team photographed the ‘You Drive, We Care’ campaign including image motifs together with Speedball Productions for the agency RTS Rieger Team.

DKV Mobility Holding GmbH is a B2B mobility service provider headquartered in Ratingen which operates across Europe. The company was founded in Duisburg in 1934 as Deutsche Kraftverkehr GmbH. In 2017, the Fischer family, former majority owner, acquired all shares and is now the sole shareholder. The company is meanwhile family-owned in the third generation.

“We believe our core task is to support our customers by providing the fundamental services and processes that affect their everyday routines. Whether fuel, toll or VAT refund: We customize and continually develop our services so that our portfolio is always a perfect match for the demands of today and the challenges of tomorrow.” DKV MOBILITY.

With the fuel and service cards from DKV Mobility, around 259,000 active customers (as at: 31 December, 2021) can fuel or charge their vehicles at any time with access to a mobile payment acceptance network consisting of around 67,000 gas stations, 344,000 charging points and 20,000 fuel stations with alternative fuels. DKV Mobility is also a provider of commercial tool solutions, with services for vehicles at around 30,000 stations, as well as services for VAT refund. Always with the goal : To drive the transition towards an efficient and sustainable future of mobility.

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Your gym is everywhere ! MICHAEL MUELLER photographs the GYMBASSADOR sports campaign on location in Cape Town

Gymbassador manufactures sustainable sports apparel that enables maximum performance and has a positive impact on our planet. Gymbassador : “Europeans purchase around 26 kg of clothing each year, and 11 kg are thrown away. 87% of this used clothing is not recycled but usually ends up in landfills mainly in the Far East if it is not incinerated. Let’s instead be fast in sports and slow when it comes to our clothing…”

MICHAEL MUELLER photographed the latest GYMBASSADOR campaign on location in Cape Town : “Embracing the claim, we shot these images in many different locations in Cape Town.”

What began in Osterode am Harz as a one-man show founded by Rico Hausmann has meanwhile evolved into the small sports apparel manufacturer from Hanover with strong values and high-quality products it is today : “We are a collective of visionaries and makers who challenge the status quo in the textile industry with plenty of passion and hard work. Our motivation is to solve things better and more flexibly than the big companies.”

In other words, sports apparel that enables maximum performance while making a positive impact on the planet at the same time. Sustainable sports apparel without compromises when it comes to functionality or style. For everyone who also has the feeling that the production and consumption conditions of textiles have to change dramatically.

GoSee : gymbassador.commichaelmuellerfotografie.com

Marketing Strategy & Concept: Michael Finke
Creative Direction: Rouven Steinke
Video DOP: Daniel Goldhahn
Production: Magic Mountain Productions
Represented by Barbara Neubauer

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