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news featured by UPDATE-22-BERLIN Zappos Kids - spots & photos, realized with photographer Meiko Arquillos and Mission Photo Production at Milk Studios, New York

“The creatives at Origami, Theresa Canning Zast and Meg Eplett, came up with the cool Eighties theme through the lens of 2019 for Zappos Kids. Meg created brilliant, concise line drawings that set designer Todd Davis interpreted into 3D set elements. Zappos Kids was shot and directed by Meiko Arquillos (both Meiko and Todd are represented by Redeye Reps). The shoot took place at Milk Studios in New York City. Styling: Mariah Walker at Art Department. Casting: Cast Partners. Art buying: Ayanna Quint, A Certain Quality.”

Mission Photo Production’s founder Mary Pratt brings over 20 years of expertise and industry passion to the table. Born in Switzerland, she is fluent in English and German, and also speaks Italian, Spanish and French. Mary’s immersive involvement with every job ensures smooth, worry-free and cost-effective shoots. Her vast experience allows her to liaise with photographers, directors, agencys, and brands. With the assistance of a strong production team and an...

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