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featured by GoSee ART : 10 Years of ‘FUMES AND PERFUMES’ – GoSee.News presents you the book release for the exhibition project spanning a decade at the Züblin parking garage in Stuttgart

Conceived in 2014 by the photographer and director MONICA MENEZ with friends and presented on an annual basis ever since, the exhibition series ‘FUMES AND PERFUMES’ in Stuttgart’s Züblin parking garage, in its tenth edition, has now taken place perhaps for the last time.

The book presented here shows the work of the photographic artists exhibited during this period, while granting insight into the creation and realisation of the exhibition project and documenting the extraordinary presentation of photos at such an unusual exhibition venue.

“It’s quite amazing what the FUMES AND PERFUMES curatorial team has put together on the walls of the Züblin parking garage in more than a decade. Over the years, more than 500 images have been wallpapered and, in some cases, removed again. There are meanwhile more than 300 works on five park decks. Remarkable is not only the fact that the exhibition has taken place in such an unexpected exhibition space, but also the renowned photographic artists that the curatorial team has brought together. The more than 50 works on display include artists from all five continents.” SELTMANN PUBLISHING.

FUMES AND PERFUMES has enriched and changed the cultural landscape of the city of Stuttgart. It has brought great international photographic art into the public space, made art exhibitions more accessible to a broader audience and brought together a remarkable collection that has been on display for years. It would be a bitter loss, not only for Stuttgart, if the Züblin parking garage were to be renovated or even demolished in the coming years.” Seltmann Publishers.

Constructed in the 1960s, the Züblin parking garage offers space for nearly 600 passenger cars and is open 24 hours. At the end of the year, the Züblin property with the parking garage will go back to the city. PARK SERVICE HÜFNER GmbH + Co KG, who has leased the property, would like to continue using it until it’s clear what will happen – and whether the building will be demolished after all.

Artists : Clemens Ascher, Michael Bachofer, Frank Bayh & Steff Ochs, Todd Baxter, Evelyn Bencicova, Flora Borsi, Daisy Collingridge, Cédric Delsaux, Chiron Duong, Bill Durgin, Formento + Formento, Peter Franck, Stephan Gladieu, Julija Goyd, Joanna Grochovska, Simon Hjortek, Bianca Patricia Isensee, Alisson Jackson, Davide Just, Friederike Just, Bernd Kammerer, Chas Ray Krider, Brice Krummenacker, Pol Kurucz, Michael Luz, Honey Long & Prue Stent, Frankie Macauley, Roman Mares, Monica Menez, Monkey.Sapiens, Stefan Milev, Shalva Nikvashvili, Yves Noir, Benoit Paillé, Can Pekdemir, Christophe Pok, Rahel Cia, Eli Rezkallah, Helen Robertson, Iness Rychlik, Josh von Staudach, Maria Svarbova, Laurenz Theinert, Dmytro Tryroh, Roger Weiss, Julia Wenz, Hannah Woolf, and Dielle Zimmermann.

FUMES AND PERFUMES  . Editors: Frank Bayh & Steff Rosenberger-Ochs, Peter Franck, Bernd Kammerer, Monica Menez and Yves Noir. 290 pages, hardcover. German with English translations. Seltmann Publishers 2024. ISBN: 978-3-949070-49-5

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‘Ahead of Yourself’ - MONICA MENEZ photographs an editorial for Swedish magazine THE FORUMIST

It could be an alien future, it could be a decadent past, but it is now, a time of transition. MONICA MENEZ photographed the spread entitled ‘Ahead of Yourself’ with model Camila Amarate for Swedish magazine THE FORUMIST, which appeared in Transitive Issue #24.

About the issue : “This issue explores the concept of ‘Transitive’, a process of transformation, development and liberation. It calls upon you to listen to your inner voice and break free from negativity and external pressures. Let creativity and life’s beauty be your guide. Embrace love, understanding and compassion.”

The Forumist is an inclusive magazine that breaks with traditional ways of thinking and challenges all limitations previously put in place by gender, origin, or appearance. It has dedicated its 24th issue to the topic of ‘Transitive,’ which explores the importance of connection, transition, free expression, and seizing the opportunity to deepen your never-ending journey of personal transformation.

The cover story of the issue features internationally acclaimed British R&B singer-songwriter Jorja Smith as she shares her journey and transition into personal and musical maturity. This issue also includes features with The Blaze, Icona Pop, AdeY, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Monica Menez, … to name just a few.

Styling by Sanne Roesch, makeup by Sabine Nania, Photo Assistant: Sandra Heinze.

GoSee : monicamenez.de
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Augmented Reality Goes Fashion: MONICA MENEZ x LUISA CERANO. Digital fashion art fuses reality and the future – an exhibition through 27 October in Stuttgart

Augmented reality goes fashion – created in cooperation with the renowned camera artist MONICA MENEZ is an artistic project for and with LUISA CERANO, digitally staging the ‘Studio 25’ capsule collection for the 25th anniversary at the same time. The project explores the transformation of time while taking a glimpse back into the future.

The project blurs the boundaries between fashion, art and technology: the AR photo spread redefines the perception of fashion – and the role of the viewer. LUISA CERANO thus sparks a paradigm change in how fashion photography is staged. Monica’s visual worlds create a futuristic atmosphere within which the viewer is immersed in a new dimension of time. This stimulates reflection upon the impact of digitalization and artificial intelligence.

“Working with Monica Menez is fantastic. She literally leads us into the future with her photos. Art and fashion merge here in a completely new and digital way,” says Jürgen Leuthe, CEO of LUISA CERANO.

Monica Menez tells us: “In my images, I touch on the exciting topics of digitalization and artificial intelligence – with the question ‘Where is the future leading us?’. The close and inspiring cooperation with the Luisa Cerano brand enables me to explore fashion, technoid applications and aesthetic in an entirely new way. My photo spread is the fusion of technology, art and fashion. I work with visual metaphors; they emotionalize the illustrated unpredictabilities of our digitalized world. The aesthetic glitches in pink give my work a modern twist enhancing its visual stimulation. My inspiration for these works comes from the style of the 1980s. A VHS aesthetic is superimposed over the sceneries, giving them a retro update. This conscious recourse to the historical accentuates the significance that past and present have for our understanding of the future.”

The photo exhibition by MONICA MENEZ is still on display through 27 October, 2023, at the pop-up space in Dorotheen Quartier Stuttgart.
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