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Advertising • BREITLING’s Chronomat South Sea capsule collection in a modern retro look, photographed by ANDREAS ORTNER between shimmering butterflies at the Butterfly House in Zurich

13.04.2021 • With its eye-catching colors and radiant luminescence, the Chronomat South Sea capsule collection from BREITLING evokes the intoxicating vibes of summer, marine life and lush greenery. Fashion photographer Andreas ORTNER staged the elegant watch with a modern retro touch at the Butterfly House in Zurich (hair & make-up: Rahel Bredy & Nicola Fischer, styling: Yvonne Wigger, production: Alexandra Aberli).

Available in three distinctive versions, the Chronomat Automatic 36 South Sea capsule collection is the spirited sister of Breitling’s latest Chronomat for women. Featuring special lacquered dials with golden indexes and hands, diamond-set hour markers and cocktail-hued, gem-set bezels, the Chronomat South Sea is equipped with color-matched, shiny alligator straps and folding clasps.

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Advertising • The first ice cream with a clear concience – NOMOO, the vegan ice cream, with a lifestyle campaign by SALLYHATESWING on GoSee

12.04.2021 • Who needs sugar, milk or flavor enhancers when you can have a juicy mango or real vanilla? NOMOO relies exclusively on natural ingredients, which customers understand without having to study chemistry. The only additive allowed is a spoon! From the plant-based, 100% natural and less sweet recipe to plastic-free packaging and a positive climate footprint – NOMOO is good for you and for the environment. SALLYHATESWING photographed the motifs, with which the company is now advertising its ice cream.

Posing for the camera are Doreen Opoku @Modelwerk and Emilie Streckies @Hermanagement, styling & set styling by Maison Musitowski, make-up by Melanie Bulu @Ninaklein, the video by Sandro Liman, assistance from Jan-Hendrik Dreyer, and retouch by Yvonne @thevisualcraftroom.

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Advertising • Beoplay HX Portal 2021 campaign - photographed for BANG & OLUFSEN by Patrik JOHALL c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

12.04.2021 • Engineered for gaming. Designed for life. BANG & OLUFSEN presents the new Beoplay HX, the wireless over-ear HiFi headphones with next-gen noise-cancellation, aka ANC : “A powerful and authentic sound experience with digital ANC, up to 35 hours of play time and elevated comfort, exemplifying Bang & Olufsen’s expertise in sound, design, and craftsmanship.” The campaign was photographed by Patrik JOHALL c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS. Creative Director was Paul Collins c/o Bang & Olufsen. The headphones are available in stores for 499 euros.

About – Bang & Olufsen is a luxury audio brand founded in 1925 in Struer, Denmark, by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen whose devotion and vision remain the foundation for the company. For nearly a century, Bang & Olufsen has been pushing the boundaries of audio technology, and the company continues to sit at the forefront of acoustic innovation. Today, every Bang & Olufsen product is still characterized by the unique combination of beautiful sound, timeless design, and unrivaled craftsmanship. The company’s innovative and progressive products are sold...

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Advertising • ‘Lose Weight Guaranteed’ cookbook by intermittent fasting guru Dr. Petra Bracht and ALDI SÜD INSPIRIERT with food photos by NICKY WALSH c/o NINA RAUTENBERG

12.04.2021 • NICKY WALSH c/o NINA RAUTENBERG photographed for the cookbook entitled ‘Lose Weight Guaranteed’, the first diet program truly aimed at healing all illnesses caused by civilization, written by bestselling author Dr. Petra Bracht. She explains how healthy weight loss works, why and how we need to change our eating habits, and that you can successfully lose weight without starving to maintain your desired weight permanently. Losing weight the healthy way only works if we follow the rules of human biology. Foodstyling of the motifs was taken care of by Max Faber & Anke Rabeler c/o NINA RAUTENBERG for GU Publishing.

NICKY WALSH c/o NINA RAUTENBERG photographed once again for ALDI SÜD INSPIRIERT (issues 03&04/2021) and the agency Raufeld Medien, and foodstyling was taken care of by Max Faber c/o NINA RAUTENBERG.

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Advertising • Emmi Café Latte Ice Cream photographed by agency new entry LILLI PERSSON c/o NINA RAUTENBERG for Serviceplan

12.04.2021 • Coolness you can’t resist. The new Emmi CAFFÈ Ice Cream Macchiato and Espresso bring the taste of freshly brewed coffee onto your spoon – icy cold and guaranteed to make the hearts of coffee aficionados melt. LILLI PERSSON c/o NINA RAUTENBERG realized the remote shoot for it in her studio in Vienna with the agency in Berlin and client in Switzerland. Foodstyling was taken care of by Jakob Bretterbauer.

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