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AGENCIES May we introduce : ‘ODE – The Natural Aperitif’, we present you the commercial by Cedric SOLTANI c/o NINA RAUTENBERG on GoSee.News

02.07.2024 • Here comes the sun. – The Berlin-based beverage company ODE is reinventing the aperitif. Support for which the start-up has now gotten from Cedric SOLTANI c/o NINA RAUTENBERG.

“The essences produced in the ODE/Lab in Berlin are the reason behind its special aromas. What makes ODE so special though, apart from the quality of the raw materials, is the specially developed process for extracting the essences. Every fruit, every wood and every botanical is taken at its individual sweet spot until the full flavor comes to the fore.” ODE.

You can drink ODE on the rocks, as a spritz with sparkling wine and/or soda, or more sophisticated, in a cocktail with gin. Alcohol content (ABV): 18.5% Vol. ODE combines German winemaker wine – developed together with top winegrower Nico Espenschied – with the best botanicals in the world.

Stefan Becker and Thorsten Konrad are the founders of ODE : “We wanted to know what the taste of fruit, herbs or wood is like in its original form. Over the past few years, we have extracted natural essences from raw materials, combined them and, after countless series...

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AGENCIES NEW : LES AUTRES STUDIOS, agency for creation & production, Munich; INSIGHTS QUARTERLY by Hotel Bayerischer Hof, ‘Disco’ with Jannik Schümann & an interview with CCO Dirk MEYCKE

27.06.2024 • We are delighted to welcome LES AUTRES STUDIOS here on GoSee, who offer creation and production in a one-stop shop. Les Autres Studios are synonymous with high-quality editorial publications and stylish campaign productions. For which transparency and the involvement of clients throughout the process from concept to creation are essential. Whether to reshape a brand narrative, create a campaign or curate a magazine that becomes a collector’s item – Les Autres Studios will bring your vision to life.

They are behind INSIGHTS QUARTERLY, the exclusive magazine of Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich. Under the executive of Creative Director Dirk Meycke and journalist Anja Delastik, the team captures the essence of luxury, sophistication and cultural exuberance for which the house is known. For the quarter-annual magazine with a page count of 48 to 56 pages in big paper format, they are in charge of everything from editing to creation, handling and marketing.

Plus, the team also realizes editorials, campaigns and concepts. We present Dirk Meycke, creative director and founder of LES AUTRES...

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AGENCIES ‘ASTRA HELLES – Got a problem with it?’ – Sven Jacobsen photographs the campaign for the cheeky beer from Hamburg, produced by NU PROJECTS

19.06.2024 • German beer brand ASTRA belongs to the Holsten Brewery, which in turn is a subsidiary of Danish brewery Carlsberg. It’s famous for its witty ads – or, as Astra would put it: cheeky visuals that kinda come with the neighborhood.

The latest campaign was photographed by SVEN JACOBSEN for the agency Philipp und Keuntje. It was produced by Hamburg-based production company NU PROJECTS.

The campaign advertises the beer type Astra Helles. Or as Astra calls it : “ASTRA’s little freedom: milder, than the neighborhood will stand for. This golden-yellow wonder goes with: Elbe Beach, almost Fridays, and all the little freedoms found in the St. Pauli district. Shamelessly mild with 5.1% alcohol. Got a problem with it?”

Nu projects is a photo production company that specializes in realizing photo shoots and organizing them from A to Z : “Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to making sure your production is flawless down to the very last detail – from location scouting to casting, scheduling, and communication with everyone involved.”

Client - Astra / Carlsberg
Photographer - Sven...

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AGENCIES Winter Wonderland Cape Town – Will Douglas photographs for adidas, produced by CAPE TOWN PRODUCTIONS

18.06.2024 • “Snowballs on the streets of Cape Town… happy kids and a happy team!!” we quote CAPE TOWN PRODUCTIONS. The cause for so much joy was this unusual – because it’s mid-Winter – production for the client adidas.

Photographer Will Douglas and his team visited Cape Town, aka the Mother City, where he photographed the winter wonderland for adidas, on commission for the advertising agency TBWA. Production was once again in the hands of CAPE TOWN PRODUCTIONS.

“Thank you to Johan, Tobias and Courtney at adidas, the team at TBWA/Neboko, Theo von Aspern, Lauren Scott, Camilla Borel-Rinkes and, of course, Olinda Da Achada!! Only a pleasure!” Gavin Levy, CTP.

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AGENCIES 70SEVEN : Thank You UPDATE.SALON – we will see you next year in Berlin!

01.05.2024 • “We’re back in Hamburg from UPDATE.SALON …. As a creative production agency, we were extremely proud to present the latest work of our talented artists, alongside high-quality print materials such as magazines and a large number of postcards.

We also took the opportunity to tell visitors and the fellow agencies exhibiting about the services we offer as a production agency and present our light-flooded, 420 m² loft studio – which can be used for shoots and events alike.

The two days in Berlin were intense to say the least; with so many impressions, it’s incredible. Not to mention just as many stimulating conversations, with both familiar and many new faces. We would like to thank you kindly for the positive feedback and are already looking forward to next year!” Robert Afshin Shahinniya, CEO of 70seven, Hamburg.

70seven is a full-service production company for film productions and photography headquartered in Hamburg, Germany – offering their services not only in various German cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, … but also across Europe and around the world.


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