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post • NEW at GoSee.NEWS : STANLEY’S POST LTD, leading creative post production company and digital studio from London; we present you works from their impressive PORTFOLIO to start with

27.01.2022 • Some secrets deserve to be shared … We are delighted to present you our NEW entry STANLEY’S POST here on GoSee : “We’ve helped the world’s leading creative agencies and brands to create outstanding campaign imagery for over fifteen years. Our reputation is built on high-end retouching, but, increasingly, we’re extending that reputation across more complex image requirements too.”

Among the satisfied clients of the London-based creative post production company are big players such as NETFLIX, ABSOLUT, BBC, ASICS, CANON, … or even NIKE – like in the beautiful job with Spanish soccer superstar Alexia Putellas Segura. The striker has been playing for FC Barcelona since 2012 and since 2013 for the Spanish national team. In 2021, she was awarded by France Football with the Ballon d’Or as
World Player of the Year; plus, she became FIFA World Player of the Year and UEFA World Player of the Year at the same time.

“Our highly skilled artists apply the same detailed craft-based approach to anything from composite images to full CG environment builds. We work across all areas, from...

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prod • Florian Bison photographs the SPARKASSEN campaign for corporate clients – produced by LUNIK and Bigshrimp in Berlin

25.01.2022 • The new SPARKASSE campaign for corporate clients is all about the topics sustainability and digitization. It was photographed by Florian Bison c/o Klein Photographen. Responsible for production in a gallant twin-pack were Bigshrimp in Hamburg and Lunik on location in Berlin. The executive agency was Scholz & Friends. As an experienced photo agency, LUNIK likes to work frequently as a service production company in Berlin or throughout Germany.

Besides casting, location scouting and service production, LUNIK also offers global production support : “For international productions, we are at your side on location, and our global network of long-term partners ensures professional local support and smooth production. For theses services, we set an overall budget in euros and are responsible for the individual productions in various different countries – from calculation of costs in foreign currencies to exact receipt-based billing or even planning and booking global travel.”

GoSee : &

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post • GoSee is delighted to welcome Hamburg-based NEW entry TREY, a digital studio, offering high-end digital content creation and look development for stills and motion

20.01.2022 • New at GoSee is Hamburg-based post production company TREY, founded in 2016 by Elisabeth Winter, Michael Fitzthum and Felix Gahl – whose strengths are retouching, CGI, and film. Besides impressive services, ranging from CGI & 3D visualization, film & still grading, composing, fully CG environments, architectural renderings, digital artwork, VFX, augmented reality, virtual production, and real time – Trey also offers global support on location.

“We can rely on a broad range of talents from various backgrounds, including visual arts, design, illustration, photography, CGI, film, animation, and architecture. An effective combination of creative excellence and attention to detail enables us to create unmistakable images for numerous clients. Our goal is to deliver the best results possible, by using the newest technology while offering a personal and highly creative environment.”

The Hamburg-based digital studio is also TISAX certified – which means it takes data security seriously. This is appreciated very much by clients from the areas of transportation, advertising and fashion. The...

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model • ‘No Design, No Future’ – BRODYBOOKINGS models Janina, Julian & Ruben present you the new ByWP 2022 eyewear collection

17.01.2022 • ByWP is a stainless steel or beta titanium alloy collection by designer Wolfgang Proksch with a patented screw-free hinge solution. In 2003, he founded the company PM/D for the global sale of his brand ByWP. The frames with patented connection assembly, manufactured entirely using wafer-thin stainless steel, are in stock at optometrists across almost all Asian countries.

BRODYBOOKINGS models Janina, Julian & Ruben present you the latest ByWP eyewear collection, photographed by Christian Metzler.

Designer Wolfgang Proksch, who resides in Germany and has an avid interest in design, fashion, architecture, furniture, automobiles, jazz, contemporary art, but is also a passionate autograph collector, first studied marketing. Following several years in management, he has enjoyed success illustrating for the legendary brand Bugatti.

He became a household name worldwide with a pair of sunglasses designed in the style of the number eight flipped horizontally. The first of which was purchased in a small shop in Sydney, Australia, and briefly caused a shopping frenzy in America. Why ? It was...

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Agencies • New Kids on the Block – We are delighted to welcome new GoSee entry HELIUM PRODUCTION BERLIN, artist representation / film & photo production company – and we’re kicking things off with their REEL ‘22, but are also featuring Advertising / Creative Director Markus Wentlandt, Visual Artist Magdiel Lopez, and Photographer & Director Jack Bridgland

12.01.2022 • NEW at GoSee is HELIUM BERLIN, film and photo production company but also artist representation, specialized in the areas of photography, digital art and directing. They tell us about themselves : “Helium is a family of bold colors, unique characters and great stories. We’re new, and we create film, photo and digital content. We represent a fine selection of directors, digital artists and photographers, including Director Markus Wentlandt, English photographer Jack Bridgland, the amazing artist Magdiel Lopez, and more.”

HELIUM was founded in January 2022 by Sven Hoffmann. Before that, he worked successfully for several years as the executive producer for clients such as
Nike, Vans, Beats by Dre, Red Bull, Riot Games, Sony, Opel, Kia, Mercedes, Lexus, SAP, Adidas, just to name a few.

At the moment, they are working on various e-sport campaigns and one of the biggest Share Now projects – and look forward to your inquiry. We present you their latest 2022 reel here on GoSee.NEWS and introduce the first artists and their work.

Advertising Director and Creative Director Markus Wentlandt...

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