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ART Camila Falquez ‘Gods That Walk Among Us’, New York’s queer community celebrates the photographer’s first solo exhibition at Hannah Traore Gallery

29.06.2022 • Hannah Traore Gallery is presenting ‘Gods That Walk Among Us’, the first solo exhibition by Camila Falquez. At the opening on 2 June, the who’s who of New York’s queer community attended abundantly.

Born in Mexico, raised in Spain and living in New York, the Colombian photographer Camila Falquez harnesses the methods of classic fashion and portrait photography to present a broad spectrum of social and gender diversity. Employing the elements of surrealism and an artistic color palette, she spins narratives of community, humanity liberation and visibility. In ‘Gods That Walk Among Us’, her vivid portraits not only dare to transcend preconceived notions of gender, power and beauty, they push back against them with full force.

The photographer tells us : “What if beauty and power can exist on pedestals that we have never seen before? Can we present a vision of freedom – that regardless if we only know it as a vision – we can now live by and embody? It’s through drag, through dance, through marching in the streets and through community organizing that we enter The Vortex – as activist...

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ART GOSEE LOVES : Sandra Rocha ‘Le moindre souffle’ – a melancholy observation of people in harmony with nature, on display at GALERIE LES FILLES DU CALVAIRE in Paris

28.06.2022 • Following a first large-scale presentation at the CPIF (Centre Photographique d’Ile-de-France), the gallery Les filles du calvaire is delighted to present ‘Le moindre souffle’ by Sandra Rocha. The photos were created by the artist in the heart of her native Azores, a Portuguese island group where she was born in 1974. Sandra Rocha puts man in his natural environment and the ties of community forged between all living creatures at the heart of her new composition. For the exhibition title – in English, the ‘the softest breath’, she draws her inspiration from Ovid, E. Coccia and J.-C. Bailly.

Sandra Rocha takes a poetic approach in her photographs, associating for the most part female figures with the four elements, places and objects. Her photos radiate a soft melancholy, deal with the fragility and beauty of the Earth as well as explore the differentness, equality and the divide between humans and other living creatures.

Fannie Escoulen on the work: “The comforting landscapes she calls into being – which seem to have been taken straight from the Garden of Eden – invite bodies like...

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ART ‘Chromatic Wasteland’ presents sculptures made of plastic and magical color spectrums – personal work by Maciek MILOCH c/o STILLSTARS

27.06.2022 • ‘Chromatic Wasteland’ is a project by photographer Maciek Miloch and set designer Anna Nizio. The two creatives present you their series on GoSee.NEWS: “Nowadays, people produce about 300 million tons of plastic waste every year. That’s nearly equivalent to the weight of the entire human population. Photographs are abstract still life compositions that need time to decode the specific objects used to construct them – the plastic waste we collected for three weeks.

The process of collecting waste for the project made us aware of how much plastic is used and that most of the products available on the market are packed in it. Sculptures of the plastic were photographed using phenomena of photo-elasticity. Plastic’s stress distribution within the material began to show iridescent, magical (yet appearing toxic at the same time) color spectrums invisible in normal lighting conditions.”

Maciek Miloch is a still life & food photographer with a strong background as art director. The perfect symbiosis of geometrical shapes, colors and textures is the recipe with which the artist creates...

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ART TIM PETERSEN presents ‘Digital Shift’ – an exhibition about the future of fashion in the Fashion Lounge at the Carmelite Monastery for the Frankfurt Fashion Week

10.06.2022 • As a partner of the Frankfurt Fashion Week, the Frankfurt Fashion Lounge is presenting runway shows in the heart of Frankfurt for the third consecutive time at the Alte Oper railway station as well as in the Carmelite Monastery. Among the highlights is an exhibition by New York photographer Tim Petersen themed upon the future of fashion.

Tim Petersen has dealt with photography as a metaphysical medium for quite some time. With ‘Digital Shift – a visual mind game about the future of fashion’, he presents his works in an exhibition on 20 & 21 JUNE, 2022. Since the Frankfurt Fashion Week is increasingly establishing itself as a sustainable and future-oriented alternative, and a panel discussion was held on precisely this topic, ‘Digital Shift – The Future of Fashion’, at the last Fashion Lounge, he created this series upon receiving an invitation from the Fashion Week.

“In light of the emerging metaverse, NFTs and avatar fashion, the series explores the transition into the virtual world but also emphasizes the magic of physical fashion. All images are analog photographs, the fashion...

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ART GoSee Tip : ‘Into the Pleasure Dome’ – surreal visual worlds by Louise te Poele on display at the Museum Villa Mondriaan in the Netherlands

10.05.2022 • Mirrored plates, abstract horse figures, fluttering gowns, a colorful sea of flowers; with photographic and three-dimensional works, multidisciplinary artist Louise te Poele has created an all-encompassing experience for visitors. In her latest solo exhibition ‘Into the Pleasure Dome’, te Poele examines the role of man in relation to nature.

“Reality is an unsolvable puzzle at times. Of course, I sometimes wonder : to what extent does the world bend until it snaps or is its elasticity greater than we might think? And do we sometimes simply have to get used to all new manifestations,” says Louise te Poele.

Using photographic works and installations, te Poele has transformed three exhibition spaces into living works of art. With an ‘Infinity Room’, a ‘Flower Abundance Room’ and a ‘Recovery Room’, te Poele explores the dividing line between inside and outside, between restriction and freedom, between animal and nature.

To celebrate Mondriaan’s 150th birthday, Villa Mondriaan is exhibiting contemporary local talent. The house in which the Mondriaan family once lived is today part of the...

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