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Art • 'THE ODYSSEY – A GREEK PUZZLE' dreamlike summer shop window by designer Sarah ILLENBERGER c/o 2AGENTEN for HERMES shops in Germany and Prague

26.07.2021 • Sarah ILLENBERGER c/o 2AGENTEN created shop windows for Hermès with the latest summer looks. “According to this year’s theme at Hermès, 'The Human Odyssey', Sarah created a summery Greek scenery made of thousands of wooden puzzle pieces. The puzzle serves as a metaphor for the mystery of our existence and as a unit that only comes to life when linked with others. Taken from the original epic poem, the scenes depict a giant wave upon which Odysseus sails in order to return to his wife Penelope. The windows can be seen throughout Germany and in Prague,” the Berlin-based agency tells us about the work.

Instead of fast-lived trends, Hermès focuses on tradition, on long-lasting and timeless fashion. Creative Director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski has newly introduced the principle of specifying a theme at Hermès for an entire year and designing collections accordingly. Which, of course, at the same time means farewell to the seasonal principle. 'The Human Odyssey' is the name of this year's theme. Being human means being able to adapt. Homer's Odyssey is among the oldest stories of world...

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Art • ‘System Echoes’ is bringing together more than 60 artists in 15 exhibitions in the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation as part of the photo festival in Arles, southern France

15.07.2021 • The ‘System Echoes’ exhibition program focuses in 2021 : “...on the uncertain, changing living world. A living world intertwined in striking and unique territorial contexts. The artists’ various approaches immerse us in current issues involving migration, memory, feminism or even decolonialism.” More than 60 artists in 15 exhibitions - still on display in the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation through 26 September, 2021 “as part of the associated Rencontres program.” Artistic Director is Florent Basiletti.

With works by : Mathias Benguigui, Jean Christian Bourcart, Jérôme Cortie, Hoël Duret, Alberto Giuliani, Elsa Leydier, Philip Montgomery, Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, Niina Vatanen, Anno Wilms, Barbara Wolff, the LesAssociés collective, and CHAUSSEE 36 as well as works from the Archive of Modern Conflict (AMC) collection.

Jean-Christian Bourcart presents his new work ‘At the Edge of Reality’. The French photographer and filmmaker shows peculiar, hallucinatory and ghost-like characters who break into the photo archive of a small Breton village…

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for...

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Art • ‘From Here to Nowhere’ photos from deserted places in the American West - a fine art project by Rui CAMILO c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN appearing as edition and book at CHROMFELD

14.07.2021 • The series of works entitled ‘From Here to Nowhere’ was created on a road trip through the rural West of the USA. Rui CAMILO c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN drifted around with no specific destination in mind, exploring the country far away from the big cities. The motifs appeared as a book and prints at CHROMFELD.

“The relationship between people and spaces, places that are not immediately identifiable, that one comes across rather than looks for, and that are often imbued with a sense of hopeless loneliness. Where exactly the pictures were taken is irrelevant. Places that often resemble stage sets linger in an endless loop between emergence and decay. Inventories of the ever-changing, complicated relationship of man to his physical environment. The viewer can complete the traces of life that are recorded with the images to form an imaginary picture of his or her own. In this way, ideas, assumptions and stories about civilization are transported into the present of the viewer.”

CHROMFELD presents a stylistically diverse selection of very different aesthetic, formal and conceptual...

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Art • Robin Hinsch ‘WAHALA’ : a photographic root cause analysis of the system of fossil capitalism and social ruthlessness – an exhibition by PAVLOV’S DOG Berlin

29.06.2021 • PAVLOV’S DOG is presenting the project ‘Walhala’ by Robin Hinsch at Treptow Atelier’s in Berlin from 2 through 5 July, 2021. The Hamburg-based photographer, who studied Photography under Prof. Elger Esser and Ute Mahler, traveled to the places where oil and gas, brown coal and hard coal are extracted from the earth – to where the fuels that drive the global economy are drilled and mined. His photos expose the methods of exploitation behind the extraction of fossil fuels and document that there is no difference in principle between the destruction of the environment and violence against people.

Robin Hinsch : “Covering 70,000 sq km (27,000 sq miles) of wetlands, the Niger Delta was formed primarily by sediment deposition. The region is home to more than thirty million people and 40 different ethnic groups, making up 7.5% of Nigeria’s total land mass. It used to boast an incredibly rich ecosystem, containing one of the highest concentrations of biodiversity on the planet, before the oil industry moved in. The Nigerian department of petroleum resources estimates that 1.89 million...

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Art • PARCOURS 2021 - the art publication of the Bavarian State Painting Collections with photos by Monika HÖFLER c/o UPFRONT

15.06.2021 • Monika HÖFLER c/o UPFRONT photographed for art magazine PARCOURS 2021. This is the second edition by the Bavarian State Painting Collections, which presents a forecast of the year 2021 in its annual magazine. It showcases the highlights and even brighter lights, opens perspectives and grants insight. With impressive, informative, enticing images and articles, the Bavarian State Painting Collections gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the museum’s work.

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