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Celebrity • DOLPH LUNDGREN is the testimonial for the CDLP MOBILITÉ Sportswear Essential Collection, photographed by Jonas UNGER c/o BIRD PRODUCTION in Marbella

20.10.2021 • Jonas UNGER c/o BIRD PRODUCTION photographed actor and Swedish Kyokushin Master Dolph Lundgren for CDLP MOBILITÉ. The Sportswear Essentials Collection is made from recycled and organic materials. CDLP Art Director Christian Larson chose the Swedish actor because of his experience of life, philosophy and his commitment to strengthening the mind as much as the body : “He’s truly the antithesis of traditional masculinity, he is humbly self-aware, connected to his emotions, peacefully confident, inspirational, and aspirational.”

The campaign and lookbook were photographed on a sunny day in Marbella, where the Hollywood star has lived for several years. Dolph Lundgren gained international fame in the role of Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV – The Fight of the Century. He then appeared in numerous action movies, directed and wrote a fitness book.

Before that, Jonas UNGER c/o BIRD PRODUCTION had the chance to stage pop icon Sébastien Tellier for Swedish menswear label CDLP (GoSee NEWS).

About – CDLP was founded in 2016 to revolutionize men’s underwear, launching a new generation of...

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Celebrity • TRUE RELIGION featuring singer-songwriter YENDRY – photos by Mathilde BRESSON c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT

20.10.2021 • Yendry Cony Fiorentino, aka Yendry, is a Dominican-Italian singer and songwriter. Yendry first became popular in Italy in 2012 thanks to her participation in the sixth edition of X Factor Italy, which brought her a record deal with Sony Music Italy.

On 15 April, 2021, she was among the performers at the Latin American Music Awards 2021. And on 7 June, 2021, she was nominated as Best New Artist at the MTV Millennial Awards 2021. Her Spotify profile has meanwhile more than twelve million streams.

Mathilde BRESSON c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT photographed the singer for the label TRUE RELIGION.

True Religion : “All eyes on Yendry – the Afro-Latina pop artist serves unconventional style at her own tempo. Yendry speaks the language of self love and staying true to your most authentic self. In celebration of Latinx Heritage Month, we tapped into the wisdom of Afro-Latina pop artist Yendry – our minds set on learning what provokes her unconventional style and unapologetic attitude towards life, music, and why making mistakes is better than not trying at all. The vibes were good, the...

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Celebrity • ‘On stage, the world is on pause for me!’ – Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS portrays popular singer Adel Tawil, and we have the motif for you on GoSee

18.10.2021 • This summer, Adel Tawil released his new single ‘Die Welt steht auf Pause’, or the world is on pause. The promo photo for the reboot came from Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T. The singer is now working on his ninth album – that is, when the proud father’s two-year-old daughter gives him time to. The new PR material about Adel Tawil was created for the label BMG Rights Management.

Born in Berlin, Adel Salah Mahmoud Eid El-Tawil is a German pop musician, songwriter, and producer who is known particularly for his collaboration with the band ‘The Boyz’, and above all, with the band ‘Ich + Ich’ at the side of the ingenious Annette Humpe.

GoSee : facebook.com/AdelTawil & double-t-photographers.com

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Celebrity • For the thematic posters of the state election, Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS portrayed victorious Minister President Manuela Schwesig, SPD

17.10.2021 • The next strong woman from the East. Two and a half weeks after the landslide victory in the state election, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania’s Minister President Manuela Schwesig declared her intention to engage in governing with the previously disdained rival Left party. Since 2006, the SPD has governed with the CDU, which took an extreme beating in the last election.

For the extremely successful campaign, Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS delivered the motifs.

GoSee : manuela-schwesig.de & double-t-photographers.com

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Celebrity • Benedict Cumberbatch for THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, photographed by Nicole Nodland, produced by NM PRODUCTIONS

13.10.2021 • Benedict Cumberbatch gets mean. The British actor, who is actually quite lovely, on staying cruel for Jane Campion’s ‘The Power of the Dog’, the time Doctor Strange told-off Iron Man and his onslaught of new projects : “It’s just a lot of me.” GoSee Member NM PRODUCTIONS supported the celebrity shoot by Nicole Nodland with Benedict Cumberbatch for THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (styling : Catherine Hayward, grooming : Donald McInnes).

The interview is available via THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, and further news by NM PRODUCTIONS can be seen on the website.

NM Productions is a full-service production company working globally across stills and moving image shoots : Full-Service Production | Budget Management | Project Management | Location Scouting | Casting | Crew and Equipment Hire | On-Set Shoot Management

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