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EDITORIAL ‘I'm not afraid of the canvas’ – an atelier visit with Maximilian Magnus – in a portrait by Lara FREIBURGER c/o NEUBAUERSCHWARZ for AW

07.11.2023 • Lara FREIBURGER c/o NEUBAUERSCHWARZ met up with Maximilian Magnus at his atelier for AW MAGAZINE (Editor: Tatjana Seel). The painter is always on the lookout for the inner core, a quest which has taken him around the globe. He has just returned from the Paax Festival celebration of music and art in Mexico where he painted live on stage for a good cause.

“His hands begin mixing paint and water. They immerse themselves in it, touch the dark primed canvas, wiping and smudging – the artist becomes one with the paint. With motions full of momentum, it’s as if he were dancing. The old leather shoes, sprinkled with drops of paint, make a clacking sound on the wood floor… It almost feels like a performance.”

More exciting portraits by people and portrait photographer Lara Freiburger are available via NEUBAUERSCHWARZ. "It is an exciting challenge to capture the right moment in every new situation photographically and treat each person with openness!"

GoSee : neubauerschwarz.com

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06.11.2023 • Just after carnival kicked off on 11/11, ARNHEL DE SERRA c/o JSR AGENCY presents us his series Notting Hill Carnival to get us in the mood.

The notorious Notting Hill Carnival is an outdoor event lasting several days, taking place each year on the last weekend in August in Notting Hill, London. The carnival draws up to two million participants (with a high level of participation particularly among African and Caribbean immigrants) and curious visitors – making it one of the largest mass events in Europe.

It was initiated by Caribbean-born political activist Claudia Jones in January 1959, when it took place as a party at the St. Pancras Town Hall. The event was held to protest against racist attacks on immigrants the year before (Notting Hill Riots) and the racially motivated murder of a young immigrant in the spring of the next year.

Arnhel De Serra’s work is multilayered, comical, disruptive, political, and colorful. At heart, he is nosey and curious about other people’s business. He loves to see the absurd in the everyday. His eye is constantly roving and casting around for...

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EDITORIAL ‘Space is the place’ - OE Magazine editorial by Frederike WETZELS c/o COSMOPOLA

01.11.2023 • On a weekly market in Tunisia, Frederike WETZELS c/o COSMOPOLA followed charming model @zlitni_tasnim to realize a magnificently colorful spread together with stylist Sabine Berlipp, which they present here on GoSee. Production was in the hands of OE MAG Editor and Fashion PR specialist Arne Eberle and Andrea Philippi.

Photography & art direction: @frederikewetzels, styling direction: @sabine_berlipp@stiliste__, hair & makeup: @farah_zea, production: @arneeberle @philippiandrea @discover_, Tunisia support: @kristinanni, model: @zlitni_tasnim, fashion: @eye.k_official @soltanaofficial @crkmaroquinerie@dior.

GoSee : cosmopola.de

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EDITORIAL ‘How is AI changing work in the picture world?’ Claudia Bußjäger from YES WE PROMPT in a PAGE MAG Special

30.10.2023 • In May, Claudia Bußjaeger founded the agency YES WE PROMPT for AI artists in Berlin. For 34 years, the producer and art buyer has been working in advertising. From the very beginning, she was fascinated by how fast and with what energy AI is evolving, and particularly with regard to images. What she liked about the name Yes we prompt was that it means standing behind what you do. “This affirmative statement is catchy,” says Claudia.

Appearing in PAGE is a big special about the agency and the question “How is AI changing work in the picture world?”. The cover is by Mieke Haase, Creative Director and CEO of the agency loved, also represented by YES WE PROMPT.

GoSee yesweprompt.de

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