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EDITORIAL ‘Space is the place’ - OE Magazine editorial by Frederike WETZELS c/o COSMOPOLA

01.11.2023 • On a weekly market in Tunisia, Frederike WETZELS c/o COSMOPOLA followed charming model @zlitni_tasnim to realize a magnificently colorful spread together with stylist Sabine Berlipp, which they present here on GoSee. Production was in the hands of OE MAG Editor and Fashion PR specialist Arne Eberle and Andrea Philippi.

Photography & art direction: @frederikewetzels, styling direction: @sabine_berlipp@stiliste__, hair & makeup: @farah_zea, production: @arneeberle @philippiandrea @discover_, Tunisia support: @kristinanni, model: @zlitni_tasnim, fashion: @eye.k_official @soltanaofficial @crkmaroquinerie@dior.

GoSee : cosmopola.de

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EDITORIAL ‘How is AI changing work in the picture world?’ Claudia Bußjäger from YES WE PROMPT in a PAGE MAG Special

30.10.2023 • In May, Claudia Bußjaeger founded the agency YES WE PROMPT for AI artists in Berlin. For 34 years, the producer and art buyer has been working in advertising. From the very beginning, she was fascinated by how fast and with what energy AI is evolving, and particularly with regard to images. What she liked about the name Yes we prompt was that it means standing behind what you do. “This affirmative statement is catchy,” says Claudia.

Appearing in PAGE is a big special about the agency and the question “How is AI changing work in the picture world?”. The cover is by Mieke Haase, Creative Director and CEO of the agency loved, also represented by YES WE PROMPT.

GoSee yesweprompt.de

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EDITORIAL ‘Artificial intelligence: Healer or Monster?’ ABSATZWIRTSCHAFT covers by Florian Dengler c/o YES WE PROMPT

30.10.2023 • When ABSATZWIRTSCHAFT wanted to report on the topic everyone is talking about at the moment, AI, – the cover design was up for discussion. Chosen for the task was Creative Director Florian Dengler, who is represented by YES WE PROMPT.

ABSATZWIRTSCHAFT: “We quickly knew that we wanted the cover for our focus topic to be designed by an AI. Only: How hard could it be to prompt a cover? The difference is similar to that between photography and just taking a photo. It is, after all, an art – and practice makes perfect. We just didn’t have any practice in-house.

So we went looking for someone and found Claudia Bußjaeger. She had a dozen creatives who could prompt together in no time. Photographers and illustrators, graphic designers, and photo editors, like herself. A cover at the push of a button like the title says? There’s no such thing. At least, not yet. But what freelance Creative Director Florian Dengler did for us, is also the job of various AIs.

His considerations are focused on the question: What does AI do with us? Florian Dengler has the answer: “It triggers emotions. Strong...

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EDITORIAL ‘Bang!’ – Personal fashion & glamour editorial by GABO c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP on GoSee

23.10.2023 • BOSCHTOBANRAP presents us the latest spread by GABO here on GoSee. “Our amazing photographer Gabo has captured a stunning and energy-packed fashion shoot, full of vibrant colors and dynamic.

Gabo is obsessed with pictures. With plenty of passion, she works hard to maintain her successful career as the eternal ‘newcomer.’ Gabo was born in Hamburg. After finishing school, she worked as an international model, studied Graphic Design and worked as an extra on TV shows. Ever since her first commissioned jobs as a photographer for the magazine Stern in 1986, her photos have appeared in magazines such as Luomo, Vogue, Spiegel, Stern, Park Avenue, Playboy and Amica.

She is more interested in the soul of a person than what or whom they might represent. Sensuality and warmth, personality and authenticity are elements that she wants to capture in a moment. Gabo’s talent, her love for life, and how she continuously strives for originality are the driving force behind her work.

Gabo has portrayed both domestic and international stars alike, including Kevin Costner, Eric Clapton, Veronica Ferres,...

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