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EVENTS Photography Touches Us All – the EMOP, aka European Month of Photography Berlin 2023 is kicking off !

08.03.2023 • For the 10th edition of EMOP Berlin from 2 through 31 March, 2023, more than 100 exhibitions and well over 500 participating photographers are turning Berlin into the capital of photography. The anniversary edition in Berlin is celebrating 20 years of photography festival culture. Under the central theme of ‘Touch’, the festival has been dedicated since 2 March to topics such as proximity and distance, technical and artistic innovation, climate change and the energy crisis, the Ukraine war, as well as the future of photographic archives – as seen from the perspectives of the participating photographers.

“With the EMOP Berlin and its 100 partners, we invite visitors to rediscover Berlin as a photography hotspot – for an entire month, with 100 exhibitions accompanied by an extensive festival program. Our two central venues in the west and the east of the city – are at the same time the starting points and particular highlights. For the exhibition showing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the EMOP Berlin, the baroque-esque Amtsalon in Charlottenburg is offering a fascinating...

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EVENTS Visual Seduction - The GoSeeAWARDS are looking forward to your submissions !

07.03.2023 • The GoSeeAWARDS in 2023 are themed upon the broader overarching topic of ‘Visual Seduction’. From beauty and fashion to landscape, transportation, reportage, and fine art… or even illustration. The sky’s the limit. There’s only one condition : We want you to seduce us!

Just like every year, participation is of course free of charge – so create a quick account now : GoSee.News/register

Our jury this year is once again made up of top art producers and art buyers from the eclectic GoSee universe.

The finalists will be featured on the GoSeeAWARDS website, and all shortlist projects will be presented on GoSee.News. What’s more, all finalists are granted free admission to UPDATE-23-BERLIN, where they get the chance to meet a jury member or two in person.

UPDATE is the largest and longest-running, most internationally renowned B2B event of the creative industry. This year, our GoSee get-together is taking place at the recently opened, uber-hip & happening Telegraphenamt in Berlin’s Mitte district.

GoSee : & UPDATE.Salon

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EVENTS Mille Fife Regatta 2022 revisited – thanks to photos by Götz GÖPPERT c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

20.02.2023 • “I followed and photographed the Fife Regatta for watch manufacturer and main sponsor Richard Mille. Ten days in Scotland with almost non-stop rain and temperatures between 6 and 12°. I didn’t get out of the rain gear and rubber boots all week. So the conditions were not easy, particularly since I was working from the dinghy almost the whole time.” says Götz GÖPPERT c/o ANDREA HEBERGER.

The photographer tells GoSee.News : “Finding the right angles for the boats to look just right was not easy. Fortunately, I have a lot of racing experience, and Richard Mille provided me with a big and fast dinghy so that I was able to get around quite well in the racing field. The work in such cases is less spontaneous, and you sometimes have to wait a long time for good shots because the background and the boats have to be a perfect match.

Then there’s the light, and the wind and cameras have to be kept dry. Plus, a few shots have to be taken on board while sailing. To do so, my dinghy dropped me off on various ships before or after the regatta; of course, with as little wind and swells as far away...

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EVENTS UPDATE-23-BERLINthe industry get-together presents the world’s leading artist representations, production companies, and post production & CGI specialists from the area of TRANSPORTATION – STD : 25 May at Telegraphenamt Berlin

15.02.2023 • Taking place once again in 2023 is our annual salon for photography, film, production, CGI & post, plus illustration, and this time : At the recently opened brand-new TELEGRAPHENAMT BERLIN. Among the more than 50 exhibitors so far are also leading agencies with a focus mainly on transportation and CGI.

We are delighted and quite honored to welcome artist representations such as SEVERIN WENDELER, KLAUS STIEGEMEYER, UPFRONT, ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS, NERGER M&O, WILDFOX RUNNING, BOSCHTOBANRAP, B&A REPS GERMANY, PLEAT ARTISTS… as exhibitors at our salon. All of whom represent world-renowned transportation photographers.

Production & location companies including LS PRODUCTIONS from the UK, 21 SUN PRODUCTIONS from Brazil, 70SEVEN, CLAAS CROPP or PLUSH74 will gladly tell you all about their services at the event.

Plus global player post-producers such as RECOM, ZERONE, SILVER GRAPES or PX GROUP – all seasoned in the area of transportation post – will be at UPDATE to present inspiring visualizations and innovative CGI projects.

Just like every year: All ADs, CDs, brands, marketing...

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EVENTS VISUAL SEDUCTIONGoSeeAWARDS 2023 is looking forward to your submissions !

02.02.2023 • Photographers, stylists, brands, makeup artists, illustrators, magazines … We’re looking forward to all of your beautiful submissions. Our theme in 2023 : VISUAL SEDUCTION. Just like every year, we are in search of inspiration, unusual perspectives, new talent, amazing projects, … across all categories.

All you need is a free GoSee Account (www.GoSee.News/register) – et voilà, you can participate free of charge. In perhaps one of the most exclusive viewings in the world. Taking part alongside London star photographer RANKIN are also brands and agencies, art buyers, and stars of the scene who will examine your work with utmost scrutiny down to the last stroke of eyeliner.

We will invite the 20 finalists to UPDATE.SALON BERLIN (a business ticket worth EUR 300) where they get the chance to present their portfolios. Plus, their artwork will be featured on GoSee.News and for one whole year.

And brand-new in 2023 : GoSee.EXPERT has VIDEO CALLS in store for the three winners – thanks to our new tool launched at UPDATE-23-BERLIN.

What an opportunity – don’t miss it !


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