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Fashion • We are #TwoStepsAhead – ETERNA FASHION S/S 2022 campaign photographed by Marco TRUNZ c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL

24.01.2022 • Feel-good fashion in sheer perfection ! Marco TRUNZ c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL photographed the elegant ETERNA S/S collection in soft light – we are #TwoStepsAhead. In front of the camera of the fashion photographer living in Berlin stood Marion Pascale and Gerad Salla. Styling was taken care of by Margie Otte, and the beauty looks were conjured up by hair & make-up artist Bianca Hartkopf c/o NINA KLEIN.

The collection is marked by a natural responsibility towards raw materials, production chains and the environment. Sustainability has been the philosophy lived and breathed by the fashion company for years. In S/S 2022, the focus is on the blouse and its many facets. And in the area of menswear, the transition between leisurewear and office looks is becoming increasingly fluid. New materials, functionalities and hybrid styles help to make everyday life a bit more flexible.

More by MARCO TRUNZ is available via SONJA HEINTSCHEL and on GoSee.

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Fashion • COSMOPOLA : Welcome to the family Monica Menez

22.01.2022 • COSMOPOLA : “When style meets story !! May we introduce : Monica Monez is now part of the Cosmopola Family !! Whether she’s working on a fashion film or an advertising photo campaign : The approach of photographer and fashion filmmaker MONICA MENEZ is unique and unconventional throughout the fashion world.

She bases all of her scenes on small stories, takes things literally, exploits metaphors, and thus subtly reveals absurd ambiguities. The resulting images are aesthetic, humorous, and not infrequently erotic. Menez takes scenes from everyday life and modifies them : She puts the familiar into strange contexts, or spices up scenarios with surreal elements. Her images are multilayered, with attention to detail, but never overloaded – every element in the picture has its purpose, always giving viewers something to discover.

It’s the combination of fashion and pointed stories that really makes fashion a star in Monica Menez’s work.”

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Fashion • ASTROLINSKI by Palina Rojinski – photographed by Stephie BRAUN c/o BOSCHtoBANRAP

17.01.2022 • Simpatico TV star Palina Rojinski has written an astrology guide and designed a hoodie collection. STEPHIE BRAUN c/o BOSCH to BANRAP photographed the project ASTROLINSKI by Palina Rojinski (make-up: Joke Elena, hair & make-up: Teena Denzinger). Besides Palina, her sister Vivi stood in front of the camera of Steph.

“Astrology is my weather report, my mirror. With Astrolinski, I want to give you something to hold on to, and find out, together with you, what makes us the way we are … My collection is just like ASTROLINSKI : With lots of love for each and every one of you and your zodiac sign, directly from the #milkyrunway for you. Each was given an extra portion of superpower by me and is your cosmic shield, protecting you every day of your life.”

Palina Rojinski, born 1985, is a German-Russian TV presenter and actress. She gained fame working for German music television broadcaster VIVA and for her role in the TV show MTV Home. With her fashion collection and the online shop ‘Astrolinski’, she shows and lives a new side of herself – her love of the...

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Fashion • Ronald DICK c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographs the ‘For No One Else’ campaign for LIFT YOUR VISION, aka LYV, with styling by Moubarak Assima; we have eight motifs for you on GoSee.NEWS

12.01.2022 • LIFT YOUR VISION is all about inspiring stories featuring visionary people – whether artists, creatives, fashion designers, architects, or entrepreneurs, … : “We believe in you and your visionary power. #LIFTYOURVISION & #LYV #ForNoOneElse. Experience the new era!”

Ronald DICK c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographs the ‘For No One Else’ campaign for LIFT YOUR VISION, aka LYV, with styling by Moubarak Assima.

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Fashion • RICH&ROYAL – authentic looks with model Barbora Fialova and stylist Jana Kapounova, photographed and curated by ANDREAS ORTNER in Prague

10.01.2022 • ‘Authenticity is the courage to be yourself.’ ANDREAS ORTNER photographed and curated a micro campaign with a new look for womenswear label RICH&ROYAL in his home away from home Prague. Styling was taken care of by GoSee Member Jana Kapounova, with hair & make-up by Vilma Baum. And the model in front of Andreas’ camera was Barbora Fialova.

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