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PHOTOGRAPHERS PHILIPP RATHMER presents his project ‘The Book of Common Sense’ - a visual ode to respect and community

21.09.2023 • In his project ’The Book of Common Sense’, which he presents us here on GoSee, well-known photographer and director PHILIPP RATHMER explores the topics of ‘Respect’ and ‘Community’.

Philipp : “Common sense is a valuable asset in many aspects of life, and especially when it comes to matters of love, respect, social life, sharing, and wisdom. Love is one of the most powerful emotions, and a common sense approach to love can help us build strong and meaningful relationships with those around us. To love with common sense, we must be kind, respectful, and understanding of others. We should also be honest and open in our communication, and be aware of each other’s needs and boundaries. Respect is another important aspect of life.”

We wanted to know how he came up with the idea for the project. Philipp : “Well, mainly because I have the feeling that people are no longer using their common sense, or may even be losing it. Normal things actually like respect, social commitment and mutual cooperation don’t seem commonplace anymore. Everybody just asks Google or the iPhone instead of asking...

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18.09.2023 • New at NERGER M&O is photographer, filmmaker and image designer Julian HÜLSER from Hamburg. For Paris Fashion Week, he realized the runway project ‘MIHARA YASUHIRO S/S ‘24 X DEUTSCHE POST PUNK’.

Claudia Nerger tells us : “Fascinated by photography and the visual style of music videos already at an early age, he has developed a strong affinity to – and even mastery of – lighting, visual arrangement, and atmosphere throughout his career. His primary goal is to create an authentic and natural visual language, to capture his subjects in a new way and to leave a distinctive and innovative visual impression.

He attaches great importance to developing strong personas and telling interesting stories in his work, in order to present new perspectives and leave lasting impressions. One of his strong suits is his skill in assimilating new trends, lifestyles and techniques, and integrating them into his work. He has always had a strong passion for visual communication, whether in the form of ads, animation, photography, fashion or contemporary art.”

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PHOTOGRAPHERS World premiere of the new LEXUS LBX! SÉBASTIEN STAUB realizes LEXUS LBX launch assets (stills & motion) with The&Partnership and Hogarth in Madrid

13.09.2023 • Photographer and director SÉBASTIEN STAUB realized the LEXUS LBX launch assets in stills & motion for The&Partnership in Madrid. “Happy to share the production in stills & motion for Lexus and the new LBX – all in one efficient production.”

Whether its the self-charging hybrid powertrain, the extensive safety and multimedia features or the outstanding workmanship – the luxurious Lexus LBX is extraordinary in every way.

“The all-new, self-charging hybrid electric LBX is the smallest Lexus yet, but fully deserving of its status as a landmark model, one which breaks down the traditional luxury hierarchy and which will be a game-changer for the brand in Europe,” says LEXUS. LBX stands for Lexus Breakthrough Crossover, a compact SUV that will extend Lexus’s brand appeal into new market territory. Following its world debut, the LBX will go into production in late 2023. Sales will start in Europe and selected global markets in early 2024.

Agency : The&Partnership
Client Production : Hogarth - The Content Experience Company
Production : LaJoya

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FASHION A German brand with an Italian soul – Oliver Beckmann photographs for AIGNER, with hair & makeup by Jane JAKOBI c/o NINA KLEIN

12.09.2023 • Etienne Aigner AG, headquartered in Munich, is a German manufacturer of exclusive leatherwear such as handbags, suitcases, belts, wallets as well as leather accessories for women and men. Under license, premium clothing for women and men are also offered with the Aigner name, including shoes, watches, jewelry, eyewear and perfume.

The motifs presented here were photographed by Oliver Beckmann, and at his side was hair & makeup artist Jane JAKOBI c/o NINA KLEIN.

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