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PHOTOGRAPHERS ‘About Energy’ – HEIKO RICHARD portrays artist NISHA in films and photos

01.12.2023 • Transform emotions into dance … Words to live by for interdisciplinary performance artist and dancer NISHA VIRMANI, who was born in Mainz, Germany, with Indian, Spanish, Italian, and German roots.

A trained acrobatic gymnast, she was a member of the national team and has five incredible German Championship victories to show for. She has appeared in the music videos of Felix Jaehn and Robin Schulz, danced in the front row for a Ferrero commercial, and partied all night in Berlin for a Schweppes ad.

Be grateful for where you are right now.’ – Dance is her preferred means of expression, with the thematic exploration of love, passion and energy – but also uncertainty. Emotions which define and fuel Nisha’s creative output. “How well can you capture energy?” – a question Nisha constantly asks herself.

HEIKO RICHARD portrayed the multifaceted young artist in photos and films. The three commercials are underscored by the voice of Nisha with quotes or excerpts from her interview with Heiko.

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CELEBRITY 'Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun' – Robert ASCROFT c/o SEVERIN WENDELER photographs and interviews actor HARVEY GUILLÉN

29.11.2023 • In the vibrant world of entertainment, where every star has their very own story to tell, Harvey Guillén stands out. In this exclusive interview with photographer Robert Ascroft, Harvey Guillén talks about the unique path he has taken in Hollywood, his inspiring commitment to representation and his charming escapades – which go far beyond the silver screen.

‘Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun’, the latest feature for IRK Magazine, delves into the colorful life of this remarkable actor, who is known, and quite justifiably, for his magnetic presence in the supernatural comedy series ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ – in which he plays the role of Guillermo, a distant descendant of the vampire hunter Van Helsing.

As Robert sits down with Guillén, his infectious energy and humor shine through, painting a picture of a journey filled with passion, authenticity, and a touch of the extraordinary.

From his early days, back when he was still chasing dreams, to his first steps on the red carpet, Guillén’s story is nothing short of a fairy tale wrapped in a shroud of perseverance and self-confidence. As he...

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PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOTVIEW presents beauty & cosmetics photographer & director Romin FAVRE on GoSee

29.11.2023 • SHOTVIEW is delighted to now represent beauty photographer and director Romin Favre from Paris. How the creative from the French Alps made the transition from DIESEL Art Director to his vocation today? SHOTVIEW has the whole story for you right here on GoSee.

SHOTVIEW now represents photographer and director Romin Favre. To kick things off, we present you a showreel – including the Zadig & Voltaire campaign, work for Shiseido and much more.

Romin Favre was born in December, 1981, in the French Alps, where he spent most of his childhood surrounded by the wilderness of the countryside and the mountains. Throughout this time, a camera was his constant companion.

At the age of sixteen, Romin moved to Paris to attend secondary school and graduated in 2003, after which he started a career as a freelance graphic designer. A formative experience, during which he honed his skills in photographic composition, seamlessly blending structure with organic and vibrant images. His passion for fashion led him to work as an art director for DIESEL, supervising advertising campaigns for approximately...

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AGENCIES KENT & CO PRODUCTIONS supports the LOUIS VUITTON x BILLIE ZANGEWA artist collaboration in Johannesburg for Chapter 5 of the Artycapucines Collection

29.11.2023 • KENT & CO PRODUCTIONS provided local production services to Lock Studios to support film and photo shoots in Johannesburg for the artist collaboration between LOUIS VUITTON and Billie Zangewa for the ‘Artycapucines Collection Nummer 5’.

A South African-based artist born in Malawi, Billie Zangewa celebrates the amalgamation of gender, identity and race in a socio-economic context through raw silk assemblages. Deliberately using unevenly stitched patchworks of raw silk, she creates landscapes and portraits. Transposing her 2020 oeuvre entitled ‘The Swimming Lesson’, Zangewa’s Artycapucines bag depicts her son Mika on the edge of a glistening pool, adorned with handstitched beads and metallic thread to create a sparkling reflection, as well as three Monogram penguin charms.

A recurrent theme of her piece, gold detailing outlines the pool edge and continues along the top of the bag until it reaches the metallic LV signature. “I have a love of texture and tactility so working with fabric was almost inevitable.” – Billie Zangewa.

LOUIS VUITTON’s Artycapucines Collection combines the...

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TRANSPORTATION DANIEL HARTZ stages the new FORD MUSTANG MACH E in a lifestyle fashion shoot in Shanghai and elegantly in the studio

29.11.2023 • For the new all-electric FORD MUSTANG MACH E, DANIEL HARTZ was booked for a multimedia project, consisting of a lifestyle fashion shoot with the Mach E on location in Shanghai plus a beauty photo spread in the studio.

And because the motifs are to be used across all extreme formats (from pano-billboards to 9:16 vertical), the project required precise planning up front. The final touches were put on in post production by Grit Hackenberg, who was also responsible for animation, editing the image spread and grading the motifs for the client’s various social media activities.


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