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Illustration • NEW SIGNING – French illustrator Claire PROUVOST c/o JSR AGENCY with digital works, paintings, album covers, packaging and murals inspired by the geometric style of Cubism

20.09.2021 • London-based agency JSR is delighted to welcome an exciting new entry to its roster of illustrators : "Claire Prouvost is a French illustrator inspired by the cubist art movement. Her style is fresh, colorful and bold. She loves to diversify, equally comfortable in creating digital illustrations as she is in illustrating large-scale murals. She seeks the perfect dynamic composition by combining softer lines with angular shapes and flat color layers. Clients include Gucci, Brown Thomas, Lavazza, Guinness, La Redoute, LG, WordPress, the Dublin Inquirer, Arte, Oh Comely, and Paulette."

Claire just illustrated murals for GUINNESS and large window decorations for BROWN THOMAS – and we found a wonderful post by the illustrator on Insta: "As a respectable French woman, this article caught my eye 🚀, ‘Bordeaux-ver the moon: French wine to return from the space station after twelve months. Experts looking forward to tasting some of the twelve bottles of Bordeaux that would splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico via a SpaceX Dragon capsule’ ✨ 🌙 I would love to have a...

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Illustration • ‘The Day the World Came to Town’ – a story about hospitality for READER’S DIGEST, illustrated by R. FRESSON c/o JSR AGENCY

20.09.2021 • In the small town of Gander in Canada’s Newfoundland, 38 aircraft hat to emergency land after the terror attacks on 11 September, 2001. The population welcomed the more than 6000 stranded passengers with overwhelming friendliness and goodwill. ‘The Day the World Came to Town’ is the title of a heartwarming story in READER’S DIGEST, for which R. FRESSON c/o JSR AGENCY illustrated the opener.

We also present you further work by the illustrator – and more is available via JSR AGENCY.

Flag and map enthusiast R. Fresson makes illustrations that nod kindly to the past. Ruby hand-draws in pen and ink, then colors digitally, inspired by the print processes of early 20th century comics and magazines. Her line-work is lodged in the ligne-claire style, made famous by Joost Swarte, Bob de Moor, and of course, Hergé. Ruby’s bright and bold compositions are influenced by her time in Japan, where she practiced woodblock printing in Kyoto and studied the Ukiyo-e style of Hokusai and Hiroshige. Humor is an important aspect to R. Fresson’s work, and she continues to develop a witty practice with a...

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Illustration • New perspectives ahead, change as a chance. The MELITTA Group Annual Report realized by creative team DAQ c/o 2AGENTEN

09.09.2021 • “Joint Impact – to make a difference, we need to work together. Because only together can we overcome the huge challenges we currently face… ” With meticulous attention to detail and an equally imaginative and stimulating animation, the creative team DAQ c/o 2AGENTEN visualized the MELITTA Annual Report. “Working together at a distance. Remote work after the COVID-19 pandemic is different from anything that came before it. And there’s no turning back now,” DAQ says about realizing the concept. Part of it all were Klee Steinberger and Nexxar from Vienna.

We have the result for you here on GoSee and via Melitta.

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Illustration • ‘L’antiporta’ – a 700 sqm mural for the library in Pomezia and an eye-catching mural for Borgo Universo Museum in Cardi by illustrator and painter Agostino Iacurci c/o 2AGENTEN

08.09.2021 • Some like it bold! Agostino Iacurci c/o 2AGENTEN presents us on GoSee his breathtaking new mural Cardi (1571-2021) for Museum Borgo Universo in Aielli. The artist has also left – in this case quite large – mark in the Italian city of Pomezia near Rome.

‘L'antiporta’ is the title of the large mural (approx. 700 sqm.) designed according to the architecture of the municipal library of Pomezia, proposing a new reading and a new role in the path of the city.

The antiporta is the architectural element that precedes the access to a second door, and at the same time, it indicates, in typographical jargon, the page preceding the title page, especially in old books, which often contains a portrait or an allegorical illustration. The main iconographic source that inspired the work is Book VI of the Aeneid, which narrates the encounter with the Cumaean Sibyl, the seer who predicts Aeneas’s landing on the Latium coast. Her cavern is described by Virgil as a cave with a hundred doors that open automatically and simultaneously at the moment of the response. The thresholds leading to the...

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Illustration • Welcome to the jungle! The eclectic wildlife puzzle by Good Wives and Warriors c/o 2AGENTEN for COLORCRAFT PUZZLE

08.09.2021 • There’s something new by Good Wives and Warriors c/o 2AGENTEN. The two illustrators from London illustrated for COLORCRAFT PUZZLE on the topic of Wildlife in the style of a hidden object challenge.

Colorcraft Puzzles are a best-selling puzzle brand for adults available in a 1000- and 500-piece version. Puzzle pieces are made of imported European recycled cardboard with a convenient snap closure and little puzzle dust in the box.

Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell have been working collaboratively as Good Wives and Warriors since 2007, soon after graduating from the Painting Department at The Glasgow School of Art. They divide their time between designing large-scale installations for fine art settings and realizing illustration commissions from a diverse range of companies worldwide, including The BBC, Penguin, Facebook, Absolut, Adidas, and Swatch. They have exhibited around the world, including shows in London, Berlin, Paris, Melbourne, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, and Sao Paulo.

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