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Model • With Love - BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN presents you the big LIDL spot attack on GoSee.NEWS featuring actor CHRISTIAN D.

13.07.2021 • #whenlifegivesyoupickles - “Time for Love.❤️ It doesn’t matter how or when; there are endless ways to give the people around you the gift of love. 😍” according to LIDL Germany. Watch the beautiful spot about life, love, the big and small coincidences… filmed for the internationally operating German discounter LIDL.

BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN : “Created recently for our client Lidl online is an incredibly wonderful and touching spot with the title ‘Time for Love’ with our brilliant CHRISTIAN!!! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, we present you this wonderful love story through typical situations in life, from that awkward bumpy introduction to the babymoon! Simply BRILLIANT!! Enjoy!”

We also present you the spots : The Secret, Easter, Lidl Bear Bank, Father’s Day 1 + 2 … Casting @Good Guys, Production @ANY Agency. GoSee :

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Model • Shirts, vests, sport coats, ...male model Alexander MA c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN for MEY & EDLICH in front of the camera of Markus Möllenberg

11.07.2021 • For best ager Alexander MA c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN, it was the second job for MEY & EDLICH, the mail-order specialist for men’s fashion. The company is known as the oldest, still active German mail-order company and was founded in 1870 as a fabric cleaning factory in Leipzig.

BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN : “Great photos were taken at the shoot with photographer Markus Möllenberg – and the chic & modern style of the clothing full of taste was a damn good fit for our model. So we weren’t in the least surprised that our client immediately booked Alexander again. And we were, of course, very delighted about this next successful cooperation.” GoSee : &

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Model • Swedish top model Caroline Winberg in the cover story of PLAZA Kvinna - photos by Jonas CARMHAGEN c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

10.07.2021 • Jonas CARMHAGEN c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographed the cover story with the wonderful Caroline Winberg in his Stockholm studio for the magazine PLAZA Kvinna. Styling: Kajsa Greta Svensson, Fashion Director: Plaza Kvinna. The magazine appears monthly and was launched in 1994. It is published in Stockholm, Sweden.

We quote PLAZA Kvinna mag, which tells us about the spring cover spread : “Meet top model @carolinewinberg who found her way back to Stockholm after 20 years of modeling all over the world. From soccer fields and high school to the eye-catching center of the catwalk. From Sollentuna’s bumpy streets to Paris, New York, London, Madrid, Moscow, Milan. From a sports-loving teenager to a world-famous top model. The breadth & depth of a life is sometimes difficult to grasp – especially when it comes to @carolinewinberg.

Sparked by a future-changing moment in the subway when she was fifteen, the tall blonde girl’s normal everyday life would never be ‘normal’ again. With hundreds of magazine covers, thousands of shows and unattainable miles traveled to show for, she has experienced...

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Model • ‘Describing Bodies’ - Berlin-based male model Femi OYEWOLE c/o ICONIC in the cover story of the ZOO magazine No.70 Anniversary Issue

18.05.2021 • We bring you Femi OYEWOLE c/o ICONIC in the ‘Renaissance’ Anniversary Issue of ZOO magazine, clad in Bottega Veneta for the special photographed by Rita Lino.

ZOO Mag : “Renaissance describes a movement or period of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity. Inspired by this merit, the anniversary issue #70 is a celebration of ZOO’s well-established, yet ever-evolving identity in the realm of cutting-edge fashion, art, design, and storytelling. To bring the vision of this special issue to life, ZOO had the great pleasure of working with a range of inspirational individuals, who can be seen in issue #70.”

Photographer: Rita Lino
Creative Director and Stylist: Niki Pauls
Grooming & Hair: Feride Uslu
Producer: Josi Müller
Assistant Photographer: Chaemus Leonard Ma
Assistant Stylist: Ruby Aviva Wilson
Set Design and Chair Designer: Frederik

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Model • Aerospace student and model : we present you Maxime BALUSTRE c/o ICONIC in the INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN campaign, photographed by Edda Petursdottir

17.05.2021 • Vancouver-born, professionally evolved in New York, and now a Berlin-based entrepreneur, Annika Tibando is the founder and creative director of INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN. With more than a decade of experience in the fashion industry from within the studios of New York, at Diane von Furstenburg, SEA New York, Ascena Retail Group and under her own consultancy (of the same name), Annika has been working towards the goal of starting her own brand, rooted in sustainability with transparency throughout the supply chain. The time is now! INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN launched in 2020 - the year of global growth as a collective earth.

We are delighted to present you model Maxime BALUSTRE c/o ICONIC in the campaign for the label INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN, photographed by Edda Petursdottir. GoSee :

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