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Post • Winter motifs by Peter GEHRKE for AUDI AG and TBWA with post by Johan (Cabbe) Cabezos c/o THE KLUBHOUSE

26.01.2022 • Peter GEHRKE c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographs for AUDI AG on commission for TBWA, with post by THE KLUBHOUSE artist Johan (Cabbe) Cabezos.

Welcome to THE KLUB. Your go-to collective of top-end, world-class talent in the post production industry. Because we function like a collective group of super talents, our services are all tailored to your unique requirements. With the help of mind-blowing retouchers, CGI experts, and 3D modeling geniuses, we make things happen – all in a creative collaborative spirit, aimed at leaving you more than satisfied, and convinced there’s nowhere better than THE KLUBHOUSE.

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Post • SILVER GRAPES : Post production of the campaign for the ZDFneo science program ‘MAITHINK X – the Show’ for photographer Jens Koch and Serviceplan

17.01.2022 • SILVER GRAPES developed the campaign motifs for the new ZDFneo program ‘MAITHINK X – the Show’. Presenter and scientific journalist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim was photographed by celebrity & portrait specialist Jens Koch. The agency was Serviceplan - House of Communication.

In ‘MAITHINK X – the Show’, Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim explores the cultural and political landscape from her scientific perspective – and does so with an in-depth, serious and humorous approach. She focuses on controversial, emotionally charged issues.

Further work by the post production company from Berlin is available via SILVER GRAPES.

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Post • PORSCHE MACAN GTS shoot by David Maurer and retouch by Johan (Cabbe) Cabezos c/o THE KLUBHOUSE for PORSCHE AG

08.12.2021 • GoSee Member DAVID MAURER photographed a lifestyle series with the new PORSCHE MACAN GTS for PORSCHE AG and KEKO. Johan (Cabbe) Cabezos c/o THE KLUBHOUSE was in charge of post production.

“Five doors, five seats, yet incomparable, unmistakable and unstoppable. In its latest generation, the Macan is and remains the sports car of compact SUVs. Instantly, the Porsche DNA is recognizable from the sloping roof line: the ‘flyline’ lends the Macan its characteristic sports car contours.” says PORSCHE.

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Post • Off to new horizons! RECOM in charge of post production & CGI for the first lunar concept vehicle TARDIGRADE built by motorcycle specialist Hookie – on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles

07.12.2021 • ‘Tardigrade’ is the first concept vehicle for lunar research. Namesake for which are microscopically small, eight-legged invertebrate creatures, skilled in surviving even the most extreme conditions. Already in 2020, Andrey Fabishevsky envisioned an electric NASA motorcycle for lunar travel. This very idea has now been brought to life by the German brand Hookie. The vehicle was photographed by J. Konrad Schmidt, and RECOM took care of post production as well as CGI elements.

It all started when Andrey Fabishevsky and a friend of hers came up with the idea for a creative sketch challenge for Instagram which soon turned into a CGI concept. The idea was celebrated across social media, and immediately, speculations about possible construction started. “I had seen some very stylized and cool concept sketches of NASA motorcycles, and I wanted to make a bike in CGI that felt like a fully functional concept, not just a cool stylized idea,” says Andrey Fabishevsky.

Among those who saw the idea and loved it was Nico Mueller from Hookie – a design firm based in Dresden which designs...

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