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POST TREY DIGITAL STUDIO in charge of motifs in CGI plus creative retouch for the new MERCEDES EQT for PREUSS und PREUSS

05.12.2023 • Electrifying elegance and practicality – that’s what the new MERCEDES EQT electric small van stands for. The practical van combines versatility with comfort and offers a wide range of custom features. The latest campaign was photographed by Frederic SCHLOSSER c/o UPFRONT. TREY Digital Studio was in charge of post and created the motifs with CGI.

Support from the agency PREUSS and PREUSS came personally from CD Melanie Specht and Account Manager Cathleen Losch.

TREY is a boutique digital studio dedicated to providing clients with unparalleled, high-end digital content creation and look development for both stills and motion projects. Services include: CGI & 3D VISUALIZATION / FILM & STILL / GRADING / RETOUCHING / POST PRODUCTION / COMPOSITING / FULL CG ENVIRONMENTS / ARCHITECTURAL RENDERINGS / DIGITAL ARTWORK / VFX / AUGMENTED REALITY / VIRTUAL PRODUCTION / REAL TIME / AI.

Established in 2016 by Elisabeth Winter, Michael Fitzthum and Felix Gahl, TREY is home to a talented team of industry professionals.


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POST ‘On the road to Neue Klasse!’ The BMW Vision Neue Klasse as a new take on the future of individual mobility – the campaign with creative retouch by RECOM

05.12.2023 • BMW Vision Neue Klasse : Experience the future now – World premiere for the latest BMW concept car, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse. With its concept, BMW is focusing on the topics of the tomorrow : The electric future, the digital journey and a circular world. RECOM was in charge of creative retouch for the visuals of the Vision Neue Klasse vehicle.

Back in autumn 2020, when a small group of BMW Group executives and board members were planning the company’s strategy for the future, one of the participants casually remarked : “What we are talking about here right now is as important and has the same potential as our Neue Klasse in the 1960s.”

With its Neue Klasse in 1962, BMW had already reinvented itself once. The compact and sporty sedans of the series resonated with the zeitgeist, bringing forth a ‘new class’ of vehicles. Modern technology, dynamic design and sporty handling set standards and defined sheer driving pleasure. Suddenly, as if the missing piece of the puzzle had been found, the product, brand and image were in perfect harmony. Neue Klasse marked the beginning of BMW’s...

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POST LEXUS TX campaign by Clemens Ascher with creative retouch by RECOM

05.12.2023 • With a pinch of humor, Clemens Ascher staged the campaign for the new LEXUS SUV model in Los Angeles. Creative retouch came from RECOM.

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