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POST ‘Building Blocks of Life’ - Andrei Duman’s LEGO project ‘Organogenesis’ with post production by RECOM

14.11.2023 • RECOM provided support for the latest cooperation between photographer Andrei Duman and LEGO® artist Nathan Sawaya, with a playful take on nothing less than the meaning of our existence. It is a deeply personal series and one whole year in the making – inspired by a family member’s battle with dementia.

Andrei’s initial idea consisted of visually depicting the concept of deterioration, but after a bit of research, he discovered the artwork of Lego sculptor Nathan Sawaya, and his focus changed from the concept of deterioration to an examination of a more nuanced balance between life and decay. Just as cells are the building blocks of life, LEGO®s are the building blocks for the series titled ‘Organogenesis: Building Blocks of Life.’

Andrei photographed each piece in his studio and then collaborated with the post production specialists from RECOM to bring each image to life. Each of the LEGO® bricks, which appear to be moving in the images, was photographed individually to make sure the final image looked as real as possible. Thousands of individual bricks later, the final images

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POST GQ UK Watch Special – the ‘25 Coolest Watches of 2023’ with creative retouch by RECOM

14.11.2023 • Under the title ‘25 coolest watches of 2023 – like you’ve never seen them before’, GQ UK presented exciting new watch models and timeless classics, photographed by Thomas Brown with retouch by RECOM. These included, for instance, the H08 – yet another Hermès trademark alongside the ‘Birkin’ and ‘Kelly’ bags – which has gained a new-age cult-like following with its unique design. Plus, models from Gucci, Alpina, Bremont, Jaguar C-Type, Chanel or Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Find even more exciting creative retouch & CGI projects in the areas of beauty, luxury goods, transportation, fashion … via RECOM.

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POST WALLPAPER Design Awards 2023 - a mix of studio shots by Thomas Brown and CGI by RECOM CGI

13.11.2023 • The images created together with AD and photographer Thomas Brown for the WALLPAPER Design Awards 2023 are a combination of studio shots with integrated CGI elements. RECOM was in charge of post production and CGI.

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POST CGI, Retouch & Creative Post Production - A Visual Journey with SUBLIME POSTPRODUCTION

18.10.2023 • SUBLIME Creative Image Postproduction from Berlin presents their latest showreel plus new projects on and campaigns on GoSee.

Speed and efficiency are key when it comes to content production. Our clients have to react to requirements faster and faster and produce in real time. That’s the moment when a completely digital print campaign comes to life. Sublime can produce every type of image digitally – from print to even 4K HD and everything in between.

Multichannel formatting is our specialty! A high-end image can be created by using a combination of CGI and stock images to reduce the costs of photo productions. Sublime creates digital spaces tailored to the client’s needs to ensure the product is adequately highlighted and presented according to the brief.

Are there further advantages? Shoots can be expensive. There are so many unknown variables that come into play, and the client on set, representing the brand, does not necessarily share the opinion of the CEO, who’s job it is to sign off on the images in the end. During a digital production, steps can be...

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POST DIOR SAUVAGE campaign featuring Johnny Depp, photographed and directed by The Giger Brothers - post production by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

11.10.2023 • Founded in 2012, GIGER BROTHERS Studio is a creative management and production company based in NYC and Paris – working just as much with traditional media as with cutting-edge tech. Silvan is a photographer and cameraman who worked as a graphic designer before falling in love with still and moving images. Flurin is an author and director who, alongside Giger Brother projects, still likes to pose for the camera himself sometimes.

For the latest DIOR SAUVAGE campaign, they had none other than superstar Johnny Depp in front of the camera. Post production was in the hands of ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

At the moment, Johnny Depp can be admired on the silver screen once again – this time in the French period piece ‘Jeanne du Barry.’ And his next directorial project, depicting two days in the life of painter Modigliani, is also ready to roll. The film will be set in Paris around the early 20th century and filmed in Budapest.

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@johnnydepp for @dior and @diorbeauty
Photographer: The Giger Brothers @silvangigerstudio @fluringiger
Lighting Director: Margaux Jouanneau...

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