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ADVERTISING Life is better in color ! The fresh & loud FERMOB campaign by LOUISE CARRASCO c/o LGA MANAGEMENT

16.04.2024 • LOUISE CARRASCO c/o LGA MANAGEMENT photographed the campaign, which we gladly present you here on GoSee, with a fresh & loud color palette in her exhilarating signature for furniture specialist FEMOB.

Beauty is good for the soul – and puts you in a good mood! FERMOB furniture is inspiring, encourages sharing, laughter and sociability… and obviously makes us happy. We call it the ‘good vibes design effect’. So what are you waiting for – want to see the beautiful side of life? FERMOB.

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ADVERTISING Emma Modler, Art Buying Specialist, Co-Founder & Director of The CoLab Association from London – looks forward to attending UPDATE-24-BERLIN as a member of our GoSeeAWARDS Jury

10.04.2024 • It is with great pleasure that we welcome Emma Modler, top Art Buyer from London, as a member of our GoSeeAWARDS Jury – who will be attending UPDATE-24-BERLIN personally on 18+19 April 2024. Many of you may know her from The&Partnership in London where she was Head of Art Buying and responsible for the international campaigns of high-profile clients including Toyota, Natwest, Argos, British Gas, The Prince’s Trust, Mars, Lexus, and many more.

Emma is always in search of new talent that perfectly fits the brief for her projects. She has set out to do things differently, raise the bar with heart and soul, with the daring ambition to facilitate fearless creativity. We are delighted to introduce Emma and her new project here on GoSee – and, of course, had a few questions.

How did you get into art buying and how long have you been working on international campaigns as an art buyer/art producer? I fell into the world of advertising at the early age of 18 and was lucky enough to work with one of the industry’s leading art buyers, who gave me the grounding and training that has carried me...

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ADVERTISING Véronique Bataille, Senior Art Buyer at PUBLICIS LUXE, is supporting the GoSeeAWARDS Jury and looks forward to seeing inspiring artwork – we present you a dreamlike adventure for CARTIER

10.04.2024 • Véronique Bataille, Senior Art Buyer at PUBLICIS LUXE, is supporting the GoSeeAWARDS and looking forward to inspiring artwork. You can still submit a project or a spread on the topic of ‘AI Meets Reality’ free of charge through 12 April. And you can meet the art producer in person at UPDATE-24-BERLIN. Specialized in jewelry, watches and accessories, her clients include Maison CARTIER, among many others.

Publicis Luxe embarked for CARTIER on an imaginary voyage across the starry night… This international campaign showcases all the iconic jewels of Maison CARTIER: from the legendary Tank watch, to the Love ring, spread around 16 animated capsules, and a series of dreamlike images. The magical campaign was shown in stores, on Maison Cartier’s digital platforms as well as in print, digital/3D, and shop window displays.

“Reconnecting with the magical tales of winter, Cartier lights up the end of the year. An invitation to cross the starry night aboard a fabulous ship, on an imaginary voyage. It carries with it the world of Cartier and sows in its wake the precious aura of the Maison’s...

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ADVERTISING Anne Traonouïl, Art Buyer at PUBLICIS LUXE : meet our GoSeeAWARDS Juror in person at UPDATE-24-BERLIN – we present you a selection of her work with two campaigns for AUDEMARS PIGUET

10.04.2024 • Anne Traonouïl, Art Buyer at PUBLICIS LUXE Paris, is supporting our GoSeeAWARDS Jury this year, and you can meet the Art Producer in person at UPDATE-24-BERLIN. Her clients are luxury brands such as LANCÔME, AUDEMARS PIGUET, KÉRASTASE, … and many more.

The Paris-based agency is synonymous with experiences where product, service and storytelling blend into a single, memorable journey. “We craft experiences that create emotion!” Experiences are moments that spark emotion: an arresting photograph, a beautiful parcel on your doorstep, a grand decor or an exceptional event, an interaction with inspiring people. These moments, over time, create a unique kind of relationship between people and brands, made of impressions, conversations, discoveries, and surprise, essentially: emotions.

To spark positive emotion, PUBLICIS LUXE thinks big, and thinks small. We are a unique combination of artisan-worthy attention to detail, and large-scale production capabilities. A crew of passionate people coming from different backgrounds: digital natives mesh with image craftswomen with the best eye for...

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ADVERTISING BREITLING campaign with legendary surfer Kelly Slater and world surfing champion Stephanie Louise Gilmore by Ben WELLER c/o LGA MANAGEMENT

05.04.2024 • Ben WELLER c/o LGA MANAGEMENT photographed Kelly Slater, considered the GOAT when it comes to surfing, as well as Stephanie Louise Gilmore, the Australian eight-time world champion on the Women’s WSL Tour, for BREITLING in cooperation with Spring Studios.

Ever since Breitling introduced the first SuperOcean dive watch in 1957, the luxury watch brand has had a very special relationship with the surfing community – crafted out of a shared love of adventure and the ocean. Plus, BREITLING also published ‘The Breitling Book of Surfing’ photo book on 2 April 2024 at publishing house Rizzoli.

“I shot @kellyslater and @stephaniegilmore on a down day before competing out in Peniche. Post production @grainpostproduction and special thanks to @mattbrooke @antoine_beu @steven_michelsen and the entire Breitling team,” the photographer says on IG.

Further work by Ben WELLER, known for his powerful storytelling, is available from LGA MANAGEMENT – and meet Oliver from LGA at his XL booth at UPDATE-24-BERLIN.

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