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‘Diversity is created by heroes.’ - stylist Natasha VAN VELZEN c/o STILLSTARS stages the motif for the ‘Day of German Bread’ for the GUILD BAKERS, photo: Antonios Mitsopoulos

We’re celebrating German bread culture! It starts with the smile you get at the bakery counter, when you touch the warm bread bag, and with the excitement you feel just before biting into a fresh roll. We experience such bread moments with all our senses every day. German bread is popular all over the world and one of a kind in its diversity. With the Day of German Bread, the baking trade is honoring the bread culture each year which is lived and breathed in Germany and is inseparably intertwined with the dedication and craftsmanship of the guild bakers. On 21 April, 2021, it was time again, for the 9th Day of German Bread.

With approximately 3,200 registered bread specialties, the guild bakers have brought it home: In 2014, the national UNESCO commission added German bread culture to the nationwide register of intangible cultural heritage. So it’s not surprising that the guild bakers feel quite proudly about their craft – including its centuries-old baking traditions and the highest standards of quality. This is also the message of the Day of German Bread. It is the most important holiday of the German baking trade.

The motif was photographed for the occasion by Antonios Mitsopoulos with styling by Natasha VAN VELZEN c/o STILLSTARS. GoSee : innungsbaecker.de

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STILLSTARS - Natasha van Velzen Foodstyling for Innungsbäckerei

STILLSTARS - Natasha van Velzen Foodstyling for Innungsbäckerei