16.03.2022  •  Advertising NEWS


A feel-good atmosphere for a video production with producer MARION WALTER for client MAGICAL MOMENTS


MARION WALTER Magical Moments

Magical Moments Content and Social Media Produktion

Director: Kennedy Productions
DOP: Kennedy Productions
Usage: Social Media, Online
Producer: Marion Walter
Editing: Kennedy Productions
Concept und Idee: Foodstyling Christoph Hoefs

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Together with Kennedy Production and foodstylist Christoph Hoefs, MARION WALTER realized a video production for MAGICAL MOMENTS.

“With our team (producer: Marion Walter, idea and concept: Christoph Hoefs, director, DOP + edit: Kennedy Production), we captured the Christmassy atmosphere in moving images for three luxury hotels in Hamburg and our personal favorite hotel in Timmendorfer Strand. Because home is not the only place to befittingly celebrate the holiday festivities, referred to in Germany as the ‘fest of love’. An elegant hotel is just as good a place to share beautiful moments with loved ones. Christmas lighting and decorations create just the right cozy atmosphere. It wouldn’t be Christmas without first-class food, not to mention bubbly champagne, select wines as well as an evening cocktail. Awaiting guests at The Fontenay Hamburg, The Cozy Hotel Timmendorf, Hotel Atlantic Hamburg and Tortue Hamburg are magical moments – not only during Christmas.”

The individual videos as well as further news about Marion can be seen on  marionwalterproduction.com