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10.05.2021  •  Advertising NEWS


NIVEA HYDRA SKIN EFFECT - Hans Emanuel films the 20-second spot for NIVEA with hair support by Sven OHLSEN c/o BIGOUDI


BIGOUDI Sven Ohlsen für Nivea

Director: Hans Emanuel
Client: Nivea
Production: Bakery Films
Hair: Sven Ohlsen c/o Bigoudi

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The new NIVEA HYDRA SKIN EFFECT WAKE-UP GEL day cream with pure hyaluronic acid activates the skin’s own hyaluronic acid production from within. The valuable ingredient undergoes a complex purification process to yield its purest form. The lightweight gel provides 72 hours of moisture so your skin is plumped-up from the inside for a visibly smoother and fresher complexion. Discover how this lightweight gel formula melts into your skin and leaves it feeling fresher – without that greasy feeling.” NIVEA promises. Thanks for the boost spot go to Director Hans Emanuel. At his side was hair artist Sven OHLSEN c/o BIGOUDI. The 20-second film was produced by Bakery Films.

NIVEA is a protected trademark of Beiersdorf AG, which was applied for and registered in 1905. It has become an umbrella brand with its various sub-brands over the past decades and today comprises cleansing and care products for the whole body. GoSee :