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27.10.2020  •  Advertising NEWS


PLAY STUDIOS offers parallel shoots in Cape Town and Hamburg (660sqm / 12m ceiling height) – models and product photos in the studio, backgrounds & locations in South Africa, plus light/perspectives in close cooperation via live stream




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Since it is difficult to travel at the moment due to well-known circumstances, photographers Christoph Köster, Olaf Lumma and the Hamburg-based PLAY STUDIOS came up with an idea. They looked for a solution to realize motifs which are normally photographed on location in Cape Town – without traveling, but with the same quality.

The very modern idea: Two small teams work together, photographing in parallel and remotely – one in Cape Town and one in Play Studio 3 (660sqm / 12m ceiling height) in Hamburg. Products, models etc. are photographed in the studio while the backgrounds or location shots are photographed in close cooperation at the same time in Cape Town.

Light, perspectives, etc. are discussed and agreed upon directly via live stream. A designated post-operator is part of the team in the Studio (Hamburg). We present you the case film here on GoSee – and more thrilling work by PLAY STUDIOS is available here. So what are you waiting for – Play with us!

“If you need a production service, you probably know what you need. And yes, we do exactly that: permits, casting, budget planning, controlling, product handling, transport, crewing, technical support, and catering. We have years of experience in Hamburg and worldwide. Our head of production is a Cape Town local who knows South Africa inside and out. We also offer all kinds of water/boat/marine-related services in Hamburg and surrounding coastal areas.”