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AGENCIES 70SEVEN : Thank You UPDATE.SALON – we will see you next year in Berlin!

01.05.2024 • “We’re back in Hamburg from UPDATE.SALON …. As a creative production agency, we were extremely proud to present the latest work of our talented artists, alongside high-quality print materials such as magazines and a large number of postcards.

We also took the opportunity to tell visitors and the fellow agencies exhibiting about the services we offer as a production agency and present our light-flooded, 420 m² loft studio – which can be used for shoots and events alike.

The two days in Berlin were intense to say the least; with so many impressions, it’s incredible. Not to mention just as many stimulating conversations, with both familiar and many new faces. We would like to thank you kindly for the positive feedback and are already looking forward to next year!” Robert Afshin Shahinniya, CEO of 70seven, Hamburg.

70seven is a full-service production company for film productions and photography headquartered in Hamburg, Germany – offering their services not only in various German cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, … but also across Europe and around the world.


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AGENCIES ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES presents the project ‘This Isn’t Divide and Conquer’ by Aaryan Sinha about the relationship between photography and colonialism

30.04.2024 • Indian production company ELEMENTS has just presented its services, ranging from commercials to photo shoots, at UPDATE Berlin and is the go-to address when its comes to productions in India and the far reaches of Asia.

To Europe, ELEMENTS also has a very special relationship, as a son of the family is studying photography in the Netherlands. Here on GoSee, ELEMENTS presents ‘This Isn’t Divide and Conquer’ by Aaryan Sinha. The work has been exhibited in Luma Arles with House of Dior, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Melkweg Amsterdam, and is now on display at Foam Amsterdam as part of Foam Talent.

At the heart of the project is Aaryan’s attempt to depict a version of India that is truer to his experience, one of similarity and connection, instead of division and opposition. Through this, his project also exposes the relationship between photography and colonialism – aiming to revoke the stereotypical perception of a poor, overpopulated nation held by many in the West.

Aaryan Sinha : “This project, entitled ‘This Isn’t Divide and Conquer’, is rooted in my family history and branches out into a...

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AGENCIES SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT presents a get-together in Vienna including a preview of CAROLINE MACKINTOSH’s book ‘An Ode to Nude’, and the THERESA KAINDL exhibition at Villa Mautner-Jäger

29.04.2024 • SHOTVIEW invited to a get-together at Loft13 in Vienna on 26 April to present the new SHOTVIEW Magazine, which was introduced at UPDATE BERLIN only a week before, as well as works of art by photographer Caroline Mackintosh and a preview from her new book ‘An Ode to Nude’.

Caroline Mackintosh : “‘An Ode to Nude’ looks to normalize nudity or at least create a different experience around it, one that feels honest. It is about connecting back to our bodies and skin by connecting back to nature, seeing that we are not so different from each other and that what differentiates us also connects us. The human body is one of the most beautiful gifts, but it is not celebrated enough. Our bodies are the mechanism through which we walk, talk, breathe and do everything, yet in most societies, we are made to feel separate from our bodies, ourselves and each other. ‘An Ode To Nude’ aims to break the barriers of separateness, and I believe that celebrating and honoring the nude body is a way of bringing us closer together.”

Visitors had the chance to meet SHOTVIEW on 3 May at the Vienna art...

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PROD ‘Kala : the Pursuit of Artistry’ - ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES produce the TILFI Kala campaign spot in a traditional Indian theater - and meet ELEMENTS at UPDATE-24-BERLIN

04.04.2024 • Filmed in a vintage performing arts theater, the TILFI Kala campaign spot produced by ELEMENTS follows a theatrical troupe in rehearsal, tracing the organic unfolding of a journey to realize a creative vision.

“The art of expression and the craft of evoking rasa (sentiment) and bhava (emotive state) remain central concepts in India’s performing art traditions, drawing from the fundamental principles laid out in the Natya Shastra.”

Founded in Banaras in 2016, TILFI is aimed at bringing the beauty and cultural wisdom of this age-old craftsmanship found in Banaras to the world : “With our range of handwoven textiles and handcrafted products, rooted in the region’s artisanal traditions, Tilfi preserves heritage while fostering a strong sense of cultural identity and pride.”

The name of the TILFI label is inspired by a Banarasi weaving technique, where three colored yarns run continuously without a break. It stands for the three ideals of company founders Udit, Aditi and Ujjwal : “Pure – we use only natural materials in our products to ensure lasting quality and luxury. Handmade – every...

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