02.05.2022  •  Agencies NEWS


‘Bring It Hard’ – actor Christoph Büttner c/o BRODYBOOKINGS is woods’fluencer Elon Ast in the spot for the fictitious CLIMATE PROTECTION CO


BRODYBOOKINGS: Christoph B. für die Klimaschutz AG.

„Ohne Wald wäre uns die Welt schon längst abgeschmiert. UNHIDE THE CHAMPION!“ - Elon Ast aka. Christoph B. für die Klimaschutz AG.

Client: Die Klimaschutz AG.
Production: Sommer+Sommer
Model: Christoph B. c/o Brodybookings

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“Without forests, the world would have gone down the drain long ago. UNHIDE THE CHAMPION!” is what lead actor Elon Ast, aka Christoph BÜTTNER c/o BRODYBOOKINGS, demands for the fictitious climate company Klimaschutz AG. The spot was produced by Sommer+Sommer for the German Forestry Council.

The German Forestry Council (DFWR) is the political voice of forestry in Germany. It’s members are German institutions and companies active in forestry and related organizations, including several state-owned forestry enterprises, forestry commissions, scientific and professional organizations as well as private forest owners.

The goal of DFWR is to enforce sustainable forestry, e.g. that forest care and management is performed to promote their healthy, stable and productive condition, to preserve their multiple functions, whether as a resource, for protection or recreation, and in the interest of national culture and environmental protection.

The campaign is planned for 21 months at first and is targeted not only at consumers but also at multipliers and decision-makers in the media as well as social, economic and political spheres. Besides the Stuttgart-based creative and advertising agency Sommer+Sommer, the campaign is supported through PR measures by Kollaxo Markt and Medien GmbH in Bonn.

GoSee : dfwr.deklimazukunft-wald.de/unhidebrodybookings.com