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‘Question Everything’ - LS PRODUCTIONS delivers impressive production service for Marvel Studios’ Loki x Hyundai Commercial, filmed by Director Anthony Leonardi in London


LS PRODUCTIONS: Production Service for Bullitt Branded on Marvel Studios' Loki x Hyundai ‘Question Everything’

Marvel Studios' Loki x Hyundai - ‘Question Everything’ On Location in London, UK Client: Hyundai/Disney Marvel Talent: Tom Hiddleston Director: Anthony Leonardi Production Company: Bullitt Branded Production Service Company: LS Productions Services Provided: Budgeting, Scouting, Locations, Casting, Equipment, Health & Safety, Catering, Insurance, Planning & Logistics, Crewing, Travel & Accommodation, Tech Recce, Security

Director: Anthony Leonardi
Client: Hyundai
Production: Bullitt Branded
Celebrity: Tom Hiddleston
CLIENT: Disney Marvel

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Marvel Studios’ Loki x Hyundai ‘Question Everything’ spot was shot on location in London – and responsible for the perfect production service flow in this high-end production was LS PRODUCTIONS. The UK client was Hyundai/Disney, and the exceptional Marvel talent was none other than actor Tom ‘Loki’ Hiddleston himself. The timing couldn’t have been better : On 9 June, 2021, Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, kicked off the Marvel series ‘Loki’ with Tom Hiddleston in the title role.

The spot was directed by Anthony Leonardi, and the production company was Bullitt Branded with LS PRODUCTIONS as production service company. Budgeting, scouting, locations, casting, equipment, health & safety, catering, insurance, planning & logistics, crewing, travel & accommodation, tech recce, security … were all organized to perfection by LS PRODUCTIONS.

In the wonderful spot, Loki escapes with the Tesseract and first finds himself in the American Museum of Natural History only to immediately zap off again; this time onto a crowded street, where he hops into the brand-new 2022 Hyundai Tucson SUV to escape. The spot ends with Loki asking you : “If you’re living on borrowed time, do you have to return it?”

HYUNDAI USA tells us about the spot : “Knowledge is power. It especially comes in handy if you’re the God of Mischief. We designed the all-new Hyundai TUCSON by questioning everything – the same approach Marvel Studios, ABC, and ESPN take to craft some of the world’s most exciting stories. Watch as their characters and personalities pose questions that truly make you wonder.” If you want to find out more about the 2022 Hyundai TUCSON – GoSee :  bit.ly/3yDviCx & lsproductions.com

*The Tesseract, also referred to as the Cube, was a crystalline cube-shaped containment vessel for the Space Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones that predate the universe and possess unlimited energy. It was used by various ancient civilizations before coming into Asgardian hands, kept inside Odin’s Vault. Eventually, it was brought to Earth and left in Tønsberg, where it was guarded by devout Asgardian worshippers. In 1942, the Tesseract was retrieved by Johann Schmidt, the leader of HYDRA, who used the Tesseract to power enhanced weaponry in order to defeat the Allies during World War II. Following Schmidt’s defeat at the hands of Captain America in 1945, the Tesseract fell into Arctic waters, where it was recovered by Howard Stark. The Tesseract was then kept at Camp Lehigh in New Jersey, where it remained until at least 1970.

Spending decades attempting to harness its power, Stark eventually helped found Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., to whom he relinquished custody of the Tesseract in the 1980s. Mar-Vell, an undercover Kree scientist, joined P.E.G.A.S.U.S. and harnessed the Tesseract’s power to create the Light-Speed Engine to assist the Skrulls in their war against the Kree. She took possession of the Tesseract, storing it in her laboratory in orbit. In 1989, Yon-Rogg killed Lawson to obtain the Tesseract, but pilot Carol Danvers destroyed the engine, causing her to be doused in Tesseract energy. Six years later, Danvers, now Captain Marvel, recovered the Tesseract from Lawson’s laboratory and renounced custody of it to S.H.I.E.L.D.

It remained in their possession until 2012, when it was stolen by Loki who used the Tesseract to open a wormhole and allow the Chitauri to invade New York City. Following the Battle of New York, the Tesseract was acquired by Thor, who brought the Tesseract and Loki back with him to Asgard. After using the Tesseract to repair the Rainbow Bridge, Odin tasked Heimdall, the realm’s gatekeeper, with protecting the Tesseract. However, after Loki usurped the throne and disguised himself as Odin, he charged Heimdall with treason, forcing the gatekeeper to flee, while the Tesseract was placed within Odin’s vault once more. During the destruction of Asgard, Loki noticed the Tesseract and took it for himself before the vault, along with the planet, was destroyed.

Thanos later acquired the Tesseract and crushed it to unveil the Space Stone within and then inserted the stone into his Infinity Gauntlet. In 2023, the Avengers initiated a Time Heist in order to resurrect the lives Thanos had claimed. Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Ant Man were sent back in time to 4 May, 2012, during the Battle of New York to retrieve the Time, Mind, and Space Stone, the latter housed within the Tesseract.
However, in this alternate timeline, Loki was able to retrieve the Tesseract and use it to escape custody, forcing Captain America and Iron Man to travel to Camp Lehigh on April 7, 1970, to retrieve the Tesseract and more Pym Particles. Following the Battle of Earth, where Iron Man used all six stones to kill Thanos and his army at the cost of his own life, Captain America time-traveled to 1970 to return the Space Stone, albeit without the Tesseract. GoSee : marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com//Tesseract