22.02.2023  •  Agencies NEWS


CANADA GOOSE x REFORMATION - film editing & finishing by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN … and meet OHB in XXL at UPDATE-23-BERLIN



Director: Oivia Malone
DOP: Jonathan Heller
Client: Canada Goose
Producer: Dana Klyszejko
Post Production: One Hundred Berlin
Styling: Miller Naomi
Hair: Braydon Nelson
Hair & Make-up: Deanna Haganmua
Model: Shakunbi Halimotu, Zoe Louis, Nuri Son

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The fact that the team from ONE HUNDRED BERLIN are experts in the area of fashion and beauty post production hasn’t been that much of a secret for quite some time. And that their skillset in the area of moving images is also pretty impressive can be seen in this 30-sec. spot for the fashion co-op between CANADA GOOSE and REFORMATION by director Oivia Malone. 

Editing, sound, color grading as well as motion skin retouching – all from the hands of ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

The seven-part cooperation is all about sustainability. Intended to be shared between generations, each style features unique interior linings of jackets and vests that include a ‘Loved By’ label with blank lines to be filled with names of friends and family – a small yet thoughtful consideration for the longevity of the product.

“Canada Goose and Reformation each have a rich heritage and strong identity, and right from the start, we have shared a vision that this project would equally reflect the DNA of both brands. I think we are truly delivering on that promise, with a collection that fuses key elements from both sides and creates something unexpected and unique – what stands out to me is how we’ve captured the functionality and performance of Canada Goose with the feminine aesthetic and playful colors and prints from Reformation.” Woody Blackford, Chief Product Officer of Canada Goose.

“Our goal was to take Canada Goose’s exceptional technical design and give it a vintage twist. Reformation originally started as a vintage store, and our designs are heavily inspired by vintage prints and styles today. We worked closely with the Canada Goose team to curate an assortment of best-selling silhouettes that we thought the Reformation customer would love, and also developed an all-new cropped puffer and vest that felt trend-relevant.”  Hali Borenstein, CEO of Reformation.

GoSee : onehundredberlin.com

Director/Photographer: Oivia Malone
DOP: Jonathan Heller
Wardrobe: Miller Naomi
Hair: Braydon Nelson
MUA: Deanna Haganmua
Models: Shakunbi Halimotu, Zoe Louis, Nuri Son
Executive Producer: Dana Klyszejko
Lead Prod.: Andrea Wong
Prod.: Deanna Nolasco
Prod. Coord.: Devika Smith
Editing, sound, color grading and motion skin retouching: @onehundredberlin