19.10.2020  •  Agencies NEWS


Enable creativity to thrive! JSR AGENCY presents a new website: Explore award-winning photographers and illustrators, cutting-edge animation and cgi creations, plus moving image content


JSR AGENCY represent the highest quality creative talent, delivering bespoke production services to the world’s leading brands.


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JSR AGENCY from London represents artists in the areas of photography, illustration, CGI (BOOM CGI, CARIOCA STUDIO, CREAM ELECTRIC ART & ILLUSION), as well as international productions and realizing creative content. “This year, more than at any time in recent history, we’ve all had to be more agile, more responsive and more transformational in order to stay relevant, and as a consequence, we’ve decided to develop our website so that we can provide the best possible platform to showcase our artists and reflect our full creative capabilities.

We are really proud of this new site, and more importantly, of the amazing work you can find on every page. Award-winning photographers and illustrators, cutting-edge animation and cgi creations along with moving image content that showcases some of the world’s biggest brands.

We understand that a commission isn’t just a ‘photoshoot’ or an illustration, but mixed media communication which can include multiple creative elements. Our artists and our new site reflect this new world. Although the website looks different, it has the same mission – enabling creativity to thrive. We’ll continue to celebrate creatives and our projects.’