25.11.2020  •  Agencies NEWS


FREDA+WOOLF : presents you the studio film production by Photographer and Director Ole Westermann on GoSee with the new TESLA in the lead role


"Tesla-S" by Ole Westermann c/o FREDA+WOOLF

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The new transportation spot by photographer and director Ole WESTERMANN c/o FREDA+WOOLF staged the electric car of the newest TESLA generation with precision, perfectly illuminated in the studio. Founded in 2003, Tesla surpassed Chinese carmaker BYD in December 2019 with 800,000 manufactured electric vehicles, making it the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles in the world today. The company name is an homage to the physicist, inventor and vegetarian of Croatian heritage, Nikola Tesla, who spoke eight languages fluently and is said to have had a photographic memory.

Representation FREDA+WOOLF on Ole Westermann : “Ole Westermann has a very modern and fresh approach, enabling him to create strong and authentic images. His portfolio ranges from lifestyle, transportation & people photography to brilliant landscape photos which he captures during his travels. His clients include Adidas, Amazon, BMW, Google and Nike to name a few.”

CREDITS : Director: Ole Westermann, DOP: Patrick Jaworek, 1AC / Dolly Grip: Andreas Baum, Gaffer: Franziskus Dornhege, Best Boy: Ruben Schmitz, Editor: Jan Lagowski, Colorist: Lutz Forster, Sound FX / Music: Florian Harres, Swagger on Set: Simon Schreiner.