06.05.2021  •  Agencies NEWS


NEW at GoSee : TIGHTROPE PRODUCTION, photo and film production from Los Angeles



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Nerves of steel? No problem! This is the slogan with which the company Tightrope Production in Los Angeles was founded. It combines Californian positivity with German efficiency and the roots of German founder Jonathan Bossle.

Good productions can be compared to a perfectly executed tightrope act: Maintaining a constant balance between the client, agency, talent and all other parties involved is the key to success. Photo productions, moving images and digital visions only become visible masterpieces if this balance is kept for all stakeholders. And that’s where the production company TIGHTROPE PRODUCTION from LA comes in, which knows how to bring every vision to life – highly efficiently and independently no matter how unique and individual.

Highest precision. Unbridled passion. Maximum commitment. 

As a full-service production partner, Tightrope Production guarantees you nerves of steel. In other words, precisely the qualities your production needs to become an ultimate success from the moment you have the initial idea. Side by side with ‘performers’ from different areas of expertise, Tightrope Production helps each project get, figuratively speaking, from one end of the rope to the other – without losing its balance for a second.

Whether for editorials, advertising, fashion, sports, music, transportation, entertainment, or a combination of them all: Tightrope Production masters every balancing act with honors thanks to long years of experience.

For thirteen years, German founder Jonathan Bossle has worked as a producer in the entertainment industry. The first few, he supported several German celebrities and the client Schwarzkopf at ROBA PRESS (today ROBA IMAGES). Several years ago, he moved to Los Angeles, where he first worked at GlamPR for six years, successfully steering productions for adidas, Closed, Lufthansa, Lacoste, and VOGUE, just to name a few.

He is now launching his own company Tightrope Production. The image of a tightrope has a very special personal meaning to Bossle. His mother actually was a tightrope acrobat and presented spectacular performances as an artist above the rooftops of Berlin and around the world. So you see, creativity, perseverance, a calm composure and the firm conviction that the tightrope will not break have been with Jonathan Bossle already his entire life. Tightrope Production produces worldwide and is based in Los Angeles.

To kick things off, we present you the company’s beautiful reel and look forward to plenty of wonderful NEWS.