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26.04.2023  •  Agencies NEWS


NEW : BUBIG, the German Association of Image Creators, offers networking, access to professional expertise and workshops on the topic of ‘Co-Creating’ … meet BUBIG at UPDATE

GoSee is delighted to welcome new member BUBIG, The German Association of Image Creators, a network of around 33 agencies founded in 1992 for artist management, service production and post production companies, representations for photo, film, and illustration as well as renowned production companies, with headquarters in Hamburg.

Since June 2022, Barbi Mlczoch from COSMOPOLA and Tobias Bosch from BOSCHTOBANRAP have been on the board of management. We asked Barbi about the content, benefits and plans for the future.

What is the idea behind BUBIG? And how do members benefit?
Barbi Mlczoch : A membership at BUBIG means so many things all at once, but first and foremost, it enables an exchange with others who are like-minded, gives access to professional expertise, offers networking opportunities, and now, as of just recently, BUBIG also provides further training in the form of workshops. For us, BUBIG is also about exposure. On the one hand, the member’s own work and services are seen by a group of experts, while at the same time, their individual portfolios radiate out into the world and, therefore, reach new potential clients and open new areas to work in. Particularly in our day and age, I think exchange is extremely important as so many new things are heading our way. AI or synthography come to mind.

Another plus : We also have a legal adviser at our side. A wonderful attorney who supports us in legal matters. Representing our interests vis-à-vis political bodies and supporting members in finding solutions to problems and challenges is an important part of it.

Any ideas you’d like to share with us as the management board? What do you have planned for the future?
Barbi Mlczoch : Several of the most important topics could have to do with AI. How should we deal with it? How can we be part of the creative process? How can we tap into its potential? Which is why we are planning a workshop here to educate members and provide information on it. I’m really looking forward to wrapping our heads around the topic together!

Your presentation at UPDATE will include an information stand. What can we expect?
At UPDATE, you can meet up with us live and in person at our information stand, and we look forward to a lively exchange among members

What are your goals for this year?
We do have quite a bit planned..;) BUBIG is holding five events in 2023, such as workshops, etc., on relevant topics for the members. We have already successfully held one of the workshops here. Another goal is showing strength and our lobby through a larger community: 50 members in 2023 (including international members and from various industries who are part of our close network). Because we believe that active participation is contagious, we have set ourselves the BUBIG goal of showcasing active members and the communication among members as well as increasing visibility in the market, which can already be seen, for example, to a certain extent on our Instagram @bubig_ev. .

What does your work for the association look like?
Barbi Mlczoch: As a board member, being actively involved has become more intensive. Closely cooperating with fellow board member Tobias Bosch is always a lot of fun, it’s invigorating, and we’re making progress. Just last week, we held our first workshop: ‘LinkedIn basics: A Successful LinkedIn Profile in 3 Steps’. We were happy to have so many participants! There are many ways to get involved in the association. For instance, by participating in workgroups, events and activities of the association, and particularly, by engaging in active exchange with others. My goal is for BUBIG to make a valuable contribution to the professional development of all of us.

What were the highlights you’ve experienced as part of the association?
It’s nice to see new and also former members show interest in the association again at the moment by signing up and becoming a member. Yeah! I’m sure there will be further, personal highlights up ahead.

GoSee bubig.net

BUBIG : Barbi Mlczoch | COSMOPOLA & Tobias Bosch | BOSCHTOBANRAP

BUBIG : Barbi Mlczoch | COSMOPOLA & Tobias Bosch | BOSCHTOBANRAP



 Dejan and Per  c/o Severin Wendeler

Dejan and Per c/o Severin Wendeler

 Jan Eric Euler  c/o Upfront

Jan Eric Euler c/o Upfront