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Your product is the hero! – Introducing FRIENDLY FIRE REALTIME for your interactive product presentations, for digital showrooms, trade fair appearances, dealers, online shops, marketing, …


Introducing Friendly Fire Realtime

Introducing Friendly Fire Realtime! Take your product marketing into the interactive, virtual age. Present your product with high impact and create worlds of experience for your customers that allow them to configure, personalize or test your product virtually.

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The quality requirements for digital product presentations are constantly increasing. Today’s customers mostly make their first product experiences online or in other digital formats. That’s why a convincing presentation of the product world is all the more important. Present your product virtually in photo-realistic quality in every imaginable environment with all possibilities for interaction.

Your product is not only presented in way that gives it a high-impact manner, it can also be configured, personalized or virtually tested by your customers. This enables interactive product presentations for digital showrooms, trade fair appearances, dealers, online shops and marketing – for a comprehensive product experience as real as in real life.

Print renderings, sales videos, product demos or VR experiences provide convincing purchase incentives across all communication channels. Since the entire workflow is digital, it is not only cost-effective but also crisis-proof and sustainable. Shoots on location with large teams and trips are not necessary.

“At FRIENDLY FIRE REALTIME, we rely on the same software that Audi uses for the latest virtual showrooms, Air Canada uses to present its business class experience virtually, or Daimler uses for the entire engineering pipeline. With Friendly Fire Realtime, we support you in lifting your product marketing into the interactive virtual age and can contribute to the digital transformation of your company.” So why not talk about the options for your company in a personal conversation?

FRIENDLY FIRE is gladly at your service for a personal conversation to determine the best possible solution for your company.

ABOUT – FRIENDLY FIRE. Since 2004, we have followed our passion for animation and visual effects and have crafted high-quality work for commercials & online content at our Vienna-based studio. Over the years, we have developed a diverse team of 3D and visual effects artists, art directors, conceptionists, illustrators, designers, photographers, composers, and filmmakers which allows us to manage projects of all sizes. Led by curiosity and inspired by technical possibilities, we provide captivating creative content.