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ART The 20th BMW ART CAR by artist Julie Mehretu in a production by Tereza MUNDILOVA c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT

11.07.2024 • Ethiopian-American artist Julie Mehretu, who lives in New York, has designed a BMW Art Car, making her now the 20th artist to have done so – transforming the BMW M Hybrid V8 race car into a high-speed performative work of art. She was photographed with the model by Tereza MUNDILOVA c/o SHOTVIEW. Ena Aichinger supported the production as visual consultant, and RECOM took care of post.

To design the meanwhile 20th BMW Art Car, she transformed a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional representation for the first time, with which she succeeded in bringing dynamism into form. As the starting point for which, Julie Mehretu used the color and form vocabulary of her monumental painting ‘Everywhen’ (2021 – 2023. On view as part of the artist’s retrospective at Palazzo Grassi in Venice at the moment, the work will later become part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

Alongside the Art Car, Julie Mehretu’s collaboration with BMW also extends to the PanAfrican Translocal Media Workshops, which will take place in various African cities in 2025 and...

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ART The HASSELBLAD Masters Competition 2023 presents the winners with outstanding photo projects in the categories: Landscape, Architecture, Portrait, Street, and Art here on GoSee

10.07.2024 • HASSELBLAD is delighted to announce the six winning projects of the 2023 Hasselblad Masters competition in the categories Landscape, Architecture, Portrait, Art, Street and Project//21. Submitted to the competition were a total of 85,000 images from renowned industry professionals, emerging talent and photographers under the age of 21. Topics such as the creation of a sense of values and mirroring reality, as an opposite pole to AI, were found in almost all submissions.

They were chosen through a combination of a public vote and a professional grand jury comprised of internationally renowned experts. Stefan Jensen, photographer and curator at the Hasselblad Foundation and chair of the grand jury, tells us: “Being a jury member for the Hasselblad Masters competition has been both exciting and challenging – the level of quality reached by the submissions this year made it difficult to decide. A thematic concept that comes to mind when looking at the winning contributions is the creation of a sense of values. With one exception, each category contained photographs that met the...

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ART GOSEE ART says congrats : the 2024 C/O Berlin Talent Award goes to artist Silvia Rosi

27.06.2024 • C/O Berlin is delighted to announce that the 2024 C/O Berlin Talent Award in the category Artist goes to Silvia Rosi (1992, IT). The brilliant piece of work entitled ‘Protektorat’ will be on display in a solo exhibition from 1 February through 16 May 2025 at C/O Berlin in Amerika Haus in Hardenbergstraße 22–24, 10623 Berlin.

Also on the shortlist in 2024 are the artists Salih Basheer (*1995, SDN), Hiê` n Hoàng (*1990, VNM), Sheida Soleimani (*1990, USA) as well as Yao Yuan (*1988, CHN).

The 2024 C/O Berlin Talent Award in the category ‘Theorist’ goes to curator and author Katrin Bauer (*1992, GER), who will write the first art historical essay on the winning project. The essay, together with an interview with Silvia Rosi, will be part of an artist monograph appearing at Spector Books for C/O Berlin to accompany the artist’s solo show.

Italian artist Silvia Rosi examines her Togolese heritage in ‘Protektorat’ while shedding light on systems of communication and notation in colonial and hegemonial structures of power. Beginning with archival material from the national archives of...

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ART ‘Semana Santa – Coachella for Saints’ – traditional Easter customs in Andalusia – a reportage by Tobias SCHULT c/o EMEIS DEUBEL

26.06.2024 • A beloved fair in Spain is the ‘Semana Santa’, the Holy Week for Easter when Spanish Christians do penance during the last week of Lent. All of Spain becomes an extraordinary spectacle with music, processions, cultural and religious events – but Andalusia is special.

Tobias SCHULT c/o EMEIS DEUBEL is very interested in the culture of religious customs in southern Spain. Which is why he visited various cities in Andalusia to capture religious processions with his camera.

Tobias : “Introducing my latest documentary photo project: an in-depth look at Semana Santa in Andalusia. I spent a full week diving headfirst into the epic chaos of Semana Santa in Andalusia, where the streets come alive with a whirlwind of processions, incense, and drama that make even the most intense Netflix series look tame! It’s like Coachella for saints, but with more incense and fewer flower crowns. This centuries-old tradition dates back to medieval Spain, where penitents process through the streets in solemn observance of the Passion of Christ, embodying themes of sacrifice, redemption, and solidarity....

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ART COMMON GROUND presents soccer goals without winners – the new book by photographer Rui Camilo, just published at CHROMFELD

24.06.2024 • The photographs compiled by Rui Camilo for this book are unified by a strong recurring motif: soccer goals, taken over many years. Away from the business side of soccer, the heightened emotions surrounding tournaments, celebrity hype, trophies, parties, Camilo photographs simple, often improvised goal constructions that have been built in a variety of places, some even remote, with the desire to play soccer together.

Playing soccer is in fact so much fun, the condition of the pitch and goals often doesn’t matter, but the goals do reveal a lot about their geographical and social context through their different designs.

The photographer’s position: in front of the goal and without opponents. Camilo’s choice of motif specifies a repetitive vantage point in advance, which clearly limits his creative freedom. The photos are presented as series in the book, but also individually, depending on the motif, mood or context.

The viewer is thus constantly aware that it is a collection of photos grown over the course of many years on several journeys thanks to a playful passion.

Although there...

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