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Art • POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair presents the solo show ‘REBEL REBEL’ by photographer and collage artist Justine Laeufer, the FASHION POSITIONS and rings in the long-awaited Fall art season in Berlin

13.09.2021 • The 8th edition of the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair took place from 9–12 September at Tempelhof Airport, and the team from the expo has quite a success to show for : Cheerful visitors and plenty of sales have made it the successful kick-off for the following Berlin Art Week! 110 international galleries from sixteen countries presented more than 400 artistic positions over the course of the four-day fair. GoSee Girlfriend and Art Producer Claudia Bußjäger – who is privately an avid connoisseur of fine art as well as expert on photography with long years of experience as an art buyer and AD for fashion shoots – presents us her highlights here on GoSee.

Claudia’s personal discovery was Cologne native, German-Japanese artist Kota Ezawa, who now lives in Oakland, California, and is represented by Galerie Anita Beckers. Ezawa edits photos from the areas of pop culture, film and art history by reducing them to flat digital images. In the process, he removes superfluous details to consciously create a simplified version. With regard to his artwork, Ezawa is interested in how images influence...

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Art • ILONA LANGBROEK TERRA INCOGNITA, on display at the Gallery Bildhalle in Amsterdam

23.08.2021 • Bildhalle is delighted to present the first solo exhibition of Dutch photographer Ilona Langbroek : “With this exhibition, we are beginning the gallery season 2021/2022 in Amsterdam. Later this year, Ilona Langbroek’s oeuvre will also be on display at Photo London, Photo Basel & PAN Amsterdam.

Ilona Langbroek’s personal series ‘Silent Loss’ is based on her family’s history which is closely connected to the former Dutch colony of the East Indies. The Netherlands has a long history with the Dutch East Indies, which has left all kinds of traces in the complex colonial past of these two countries. In fact, her work is about the lost identity of a large number of people who were forced to leave their country after the colony gained independence and their emotions about this loss which are very much alive to this day.

Her artwork is not only about aesthetics, there is also a deeper meaning behind the image, its story and the emotion it conveys. Ilona Langbroek shoots purely intuitively based upon her memories of her grandmother: how she looked, her accent and the sound of her voice. In...

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Art • GOSEE ART : Peter De Potter and MENDO present 'The Vanity of Certain Flowers' Part Two

11.08.2021 • The ’Vanity of Certain Flowers Part Two’ is already the fourth monograph book by Belgian artist Peter De Potter and the conceptual follow-up to his ‘The Vanity of Certain Flowers’ book from 2016. Again the theme of this book is the act of retreat as an invigorating force and method of self-improvement. In an elaborate, feed-like series of images, De Potter explores the idea of retreat in his now signature, instantly recognizable style. The book is also available as an Art Edition limited to 50 copies that come with a signed 20 x 26.5 cm Ilford Gold Fibre Gloss fine art print, an exclusive Peter De Potter bag, and an A5 artist booklet.

We read : “Staged in suburban strips of nature or homely, everyday spaces, these images often have a contemplative, ceremonial quality, hinting at devotional practice. Ascesis and abandon, mystery and frisson, tension and elation : They all co-exist in this visualization of a mind – and body – in retreat. In this light, ‘The Vanity of Certain Flowers Part Two’ is a fully-rounded story in itself, with the images functioning as a series of...

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Art • 'THE ODYSSEY – A GREEK PUZZLE' dreamlike summer shop window by designer Sarah ILLENBERGER c/o 2AGENTEN for HERMES shops in Germany and Prague

26.07.2021 • Sarah ILLENBERGER c/o 2AGENTEN created shop windows for Hermès with the latest summer looks. “According to this year’s theme at Hermès, 'The Human Odyssey', Sarah created a summery Greek scenery made of thousands of wooden puzzle pieces. The puzzle serves as a metaphor for the mystery of our existence and as a unit that only comes to life when linked with others. Taken from the original epic poem, the scenes depict a giant wave upon which Odysseus sails in order to return to his wife Penelope. The windows can be seen throughout Germany and in Prague,” the Berlin-based agency tells us about the work.

Instead of fast-lived trends, Hermès focuses on tradition, on long-lasting and timeless fashion. Creative Director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski has newly introduced the principle of specifying a theme at Hermès for an entire year and designing collections accordingly. Which, of course, at the same time means farewell to the seasonal principle. 'The Human Odyssey' is the name of this year's theme. Being human means being able to adapt. Homer's Odyssey is among the oldest stories of world...

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Art • ‘System Echoes’ is bringing together more than 60 artists in 15 exhibitions in the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation as part of the photo festival in Arles, southern France

15.07.2021 • The ‘System Echoes’ exhibition program focuses in 2021 : “...on the uncertain, changing living world. A living world intertwined in striking and unique territorial contexts. The artists’ various approaches immerse us in current issues involving migration, memory, feminism or even decolonialism.” More than 60 artists in 15 exhibitions - still on display in the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation through 26 September, 2021 “as part of the associated Rencontres program.” Artistic Director is Florent Basiletti.

With works by : Mathias Benguigui, Jean Christian Bourcart, Jérôme Cortie, Hoël Duret, Alberto Giuliani, Elsa Leydier, Philip Montgomery, Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, Niina Vatanen, Anno Wilms, Barbara Wolff, the LesAssociés collective, and CHAUSSEE 36 as well as works from the Archive of Modern Conflict (AMC) collection.

Jean-Christian Bourcart presents his new work ‘At the Edge of Reality’. The French photographer and filmmaker shows peculiar, hallucinatory and ghost-like characters who break into the photo archive of a small Breton village…

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for...

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