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Art • GOSEE ART presents : Daniel Jack Lyons ‘Like a River’ – an anthropological exploration of identity, transformation and coming of age among communities in the heart of the Amazon

27.01.2022 • What sort of planet are we going to leave behind ? The debut monograph by Daniel Jack Lyons (appearing at Loose Joints Publishing) continues the commitment of the American artist to visualizing the social and political rights of under-represented communities. Lyons began working in the Amazon under the umbrella of Casa do Rio, a community-based organization that celebrates and supports the cultural lives of teenagers and young people living in the depths of the Amazon. Lyons particularly visualizes and empowers the trans and queer communities of the region, exploring how deep indigenous traditions and modern identity politics meet in the rainforest.

The publishing house tells us : “Lyons’ empowering images celebrate the perennial coming-of-age impulses to express and affirm one’s individuality, resilient here in the Amazon against a toxic mix of environmental degradation, violence, and discrimination. As another generation passes through the quotidian rites and rituals of adolescence, Lyons asks : what sort of world will they inhabit, and how much autonomy will they have over it...

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Art • ‘Free Fall’ – new personal work by Tom VAN SCHELVEN c/o MAKING PICTURES

19.01.2022 • ‘A personal project exploring the loss of control we have all encountered during the Covid pandemic.’ – The personal work ‘Free Fall’ by Tom VAN SCHELVEN c/o MAKING PICTURES has just been introduced on It’s Nice That. The photographer and filmmaker recruited 45 volunteers to have them jump into a pool of water from a platform five meters high with their clothes on – and photographed them in the air as if they were levitating.

“Free Fall looks into how the pandemic has left us feeling as if we were losing control of everyday life. Tom explores this feeling in a more physical sense as he recruits 45 volunteers from different walks of life to jump off a five-meter-high platform into a pool of water.” according to his agency MAKING PICTURES.

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Art • GoSee loves ... ‘Fairy Tales’ presents stories by photographer Petra Collins with Euphoria star and muse Alexa Demie, appearing as a fabulous illustrated book at Rizzoli New York

10.01.2022 • ‘Fairy Tales’ tells modern takes on the genre in nine erotic chapters. On display are elves, mermaids, sirens, sea sprites, fallen angels, fairies, and witches. The stories were created in unique spaces, suburban houses, in parking lots, and fantastic sceneries. Canadian photographer and Director Petra Collins staged the motifs with actress Alexa Demie, who can now be seen as ‘Maddy’ in HBO’s EUPHORIA. Alexa slipped into nine different characters for it. As children, Petra and Alexa were both in love with fairy tales, which enabled them to escape their own painful realities, according to publishing house Rizzoli Press New York.

Petra Collins grew up in a suburb of Toronto in the 1990s and 2000s. Her mother, who fled Soviet-ruled Hungary in the 1980s, showed her Hungarian folktales from the 1970s instead of Disney films. Alexa Demie comes from Los Angeles and grew up surrounded by the Mexican folklore of her mother, grandmother and aunts, fascinated by stories of secret kingdoms. In the summer of 2020, Collins posted the photo of a fairy on her Instagram account, upon which Alexa...

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Art • ‘In my Room’ – the exhibition and book project by Feli & Pepita c/o WILDFOX RUNNING for you on GoSee.NEWS

07.01.2022 • “Months upon months of lockdown, digital homeschooling, no more hanging out with friends, contact only at a distance : How did children and adolescents come to terms with it in their rooms? And in their souls? The internationally renowned, Cologne-based artist couple Feli & Pepita has captured the mood of youths with the camera.” according to WDR. We present you the book cover of the widely discussed exhibition project ‘In my Room’ by photographer duo Feli & Pepita c/o WILDFOX RUNNING.

About : FELI & PEPITA are a German artist and photographer duo, whose work has been featured in international magazines and fashion campaigns. They operate both in the commercial world and in the art world. Their work has been shown in various international solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Vancouver, Hanover and Cologne. A major theme in their photographic work is childhood and adolescence as well as the transition into adulthood.

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Art • Queer Africa ! Gropius Bau Berlin presents a retrospective by Zanele Muholi, a personal documentary about the LGBTQ community of South Africa in 200 extremely expressive photos

30.11.2021 • Colonialism for the most part has imposed western ideals, religions and laws upon population groups living in the country. This includes laws targeted at and against members of the LGBTQ+ community. Although South Africa was the first country to legalize same-sex marriages, the year 2021 has been marked by a wave of brutal hate crimes and murders across the LGBTQ+ community. Yet still, Zanele Muholi’s view of South Africa remains one full of positivity. “We are a beautiful country. We have the most magnificent and beautiful people. We are still alive and kindle the hope of getting it right one day.”

This November, Gropius Bau opened the first major exhibition of work by Zanele Muholi in Germany. Muholi self-identifies as a visual activist and has been documenting the life of Black LGBTQIA+ communities since the early 2000s in intimate and powerful photographs across South Africa and beyond. The exhibition in Gropius Bau presents the full range of Muholi’s photographic oeuvre with a collection of more than 200 photographs.

Stephanie Rosenthal, Director of Gropius Bau, tells us : “I...

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