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MARIO TESTINO UNFILTERED – 50 previously never released photographs by the star photographer still on display through February ‘22 at Milan’s 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS Gallery

On 1 October 21, Milanese gallery 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS opened ‘Mario Testino: Unfiltered’, a major exhibition in Italy featuring photos by this legendary photographer which have never been shown before in a gallery. The show is taking place in two consecutive exhibitions in Milan : the first from 1 October – 27 November and the second from 2 December, 2021 – 28 February, 2022. The 50 works of art, comprised of intimate portraits and iconic fashion images, were carefully curated by the gallery owners and Mario Testino personally. This ambitious exhibition will certainly draw the attention of Italian and International collectors alike.

Alongside his large format photographs, the gallery is also presenting unknown works, including spontaneous snapshots, available in new formats and editions, thus revealing a lesser known, more personal side of the artist’s oeuvre, as well as a selection of works from the recent publication ‘Ciao’ (Taschen, 2020), a book dedicated to the artist’s love affair with Italy.

“Discovering Italy was a powerful experience that has captured my imagination. I felt a profound connection with everything I saw around me. I loved the people, the landscape, the architecture, and how art and beauty were such a casual, natural part of life.” – Mario Testino.

“Working with Mario Testino and his team has been a great pleasure and honor for us,” say Eugenio Calini and Luca Casulli, Directors of 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS Gallery. “It’s wonderful to have the chance to get know the more authentic side of an artist of such talent, and above all, observe the great trust he has placed in us, a trust which is at the heart of any successful relationship.”

About – 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS, located in the historic area of Sant’Ambrogio, Milan, is a leading art photography gallery representing the work of internationally renowned photographers, with a focus on portraiture and fashion photography.

Mario Testino : Unfiltered  . Via San Vittore 13, Milan . GoSee : 29artsinprogress.com

"Mario Testino Unfiltered" at 29 Arts in Progress Gallery - Milan - October 21 - Feb '22

"Mario Testino Unfiltered" at 29 Arts in Progress Gallery - Milan - October 21 - Feb '22