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On display at THE NATIONAL GALLERY London still thru 3 February : Rachel Maclean – The Lion and The Unicorn – admission free of charge !

Rachel Maclean – The Lion and The Unicorn is a contemporary analysis regarding national identities, we learn from the National Gallery. At the same time as the exhibition of Edwin Landseer’s oil painting 'The Monarch of the Glen', the film by Scottish artist Rachel Maclean, which was created in 2012, illuminates the strange relationship between Scots and Brits.

On the website of the National Gallery, we read: "One of the most sharply satirical artists in Britain today, Maclean’s (born 1987) caustic and darkly comical films look at how we shape collective and individual identities. Her distinctive style combines gaudy masks, grotesque prostheses and elaborate scenography. A counterpoint to Landseer’s iconic image, ‘Rachel Maclean: The Lion and The Unicorn’ reflects Maclean’s engagement with issues of national identity.

Rachel Maclean (born 1987) is a multi-media artist. Using film and photography, she creates outlandish characters and fantasy worlds which she uses to delve into politics, society and identity. Wearing colorful costumes and make-up, Maclean takes on every role in her films herself. She uses computer technology to generate her locations and borrows audio from television and cinema to construct narratives with a comedic touch. Maclean was born in Edinburgh. She lives and works in Glasgow. This BSL presentation will also be interpreted into spoken English. 

Go & See no matter what: rachelmaclean.com/i-heart-scotland

GOSEE ART : Rachel Maclean: The Lion and The Unicorn

GOSEE ART : Rachel Maclean: The Lion and The Unicorn