12.07.2020  •  Celebrity NEWS


‘🐱 For the family you can choose’ – star photographer PEROU c/o JSR AGENCY photographs actor and ‘Succession’ star Brian Cox together with Patches for PETA, aka ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’

PEROU’S very last shoot before the lockdown was for PETA with actor and Commander of the British Empire Brian Cox and the cat Patches in front of his camera. Perou on the shoot: “It was fun but tricky: Patches the rescue cat wasn’t as used to being photographed as Brian Cox.”

PETA: “As a celebrity, Cox is used to being the one in the hot seat. So PETA asked him to flip the script and take on the role of the interviewer for this fun PSA. His subject? Patches, an adorable cat who was up for adoption at London’s Mayhew animal shelter (and has since found a loving home!). In addition to asking some light-hearted questions, Cox explains why adoption is so important when bringing an animal companion into your home and why guardians must always spay or neuter.

Cox’s print ad reminds fans that you can choose some family members – as he did when he adopted his two cats. He also urges people to do right by cats like Patches by always adopting from animal shelters and never buying from pet shops or breeders, which profit at animals’ expense by churning out litters into a world already flooded with homeless animals. For every puppy or kitten “produced” by any breeder (remember, there is no such thing as a “responsible breeder”), an animal awaiting adoption at a shelter loses his or her chance at finding a home.”

Brian Cox: “The thing I love about cats is their independence. They can take it or leave it, and that’s their power. That’s their strength. They’re very dependable. They have an instinct about what you need, and sometimes you don’t always know, and then a cat comes, and then you go, ‘Oh, thank you.'” Watch the video: peta.org//brian-cox-cat-adopt-spay-neuter

About – PETA. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or abbreviated PETA (also written PeTA) is, with more than five million supporters as it says, the largest animal rights organization worldwide. It was founded in 1980 by activist and today’s PETA President Ingrid Newkirk among others and is now headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, in the United States. PETA is officially a non-profit organization and thus a tax-exempt corporation funded exclusively by contributions. The organization had a total of 187 employees in 2006 with offices in cities across the globe. GoSee: peta.org