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23.03.2023  •  Celebrity NEWS


Felix Gahl directs the video 'Stay Unsaved' for CATNAPP – directed, edited, graded and produced by TREY


Catnapp - Stay Unsaved

Director: Felix Gahl
DOP: Max Buchheim
Artist: Catnapp
Sound Design: Philipp Hagmann
Music: Catnapp fest. Aamourocean

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Wake up, give it up … – Catnapp, aka Amparo Battaglia, is an Argentinian producer and singer, who has been making somewhat unconventional music under the pseudonym since 2010. To do so, she combines elements from R&B, rap, breakbeat, pop and drum & bass.

For her music, she gladly moved from Argentina to Berlin. Because experimental artists like Catnapp who, also, don’t sing in the national language but in English, find it a lot more difficult to make a name for themselves in the highly competitive market of Argentina.

For her latest video ‘Stay Unsaved’ by director Felix GAHL c/o TREY, Hamburg-based post production company TREY was also responsible for grading, editing and production.

Following various singles and EPs which Catnapp released among other places on her own label Napp Records, her debut album ‘Break’ came out in 2019. Catnapp can be seen live at festivals and on stages for electronic music worldwide.

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Client: Catnapp
Directed, Edited, Graded, Produced by TREY (Director: Felix Gahl, DOP: Max Buchheim)
Music: Catnapp feat: Aamourocean
Sound FX: Philipp Hagmann
HMU: Michelle Führer

Featuring: +2