14.03.2021  •  Celebrity NEWS


NICCOLO MONTANARI presents you on GoSee.NEWS : ‘Music Ovunque, the new music video by Director Francesco Calabrese for Italian hip hop artist NAYT


Musica Ovunque

Director: Francesco Calabrese
DOP: Luca Costantini
Artist: NAYT
Production: Think Cattleya
Producer: Victoria Rabbogliatti
Editing: Marcello Sanna
Post Production: Exchanges Vfx
Styling: Sara Costantini
Make-up: Silvia Murciano

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NICCOLO MONTANARI : “Directed by Francesco Calabrese and produced by Think Cattleya, ‘Musica Ovunque’ is the latest music video for Italian hip hop artist NAYT. The video is a reflection of the three conflicting souls of the artist and track – a visual interpretation depicting his demons and their counterpart in the external world, his journey into adulthood influenced by a troubled past, and ultimately, the death of his ego and acceptance of these demons.

Each stage is clearly marked by a specific color, respectively red, blue and purple as the combination of the two. These are also the colors used by the artist as an overarching theme in the concept album Mood, expressing his contrasting states of mind and different stages of his life.

Fun fact : Musica Ovunque is the sixth project by the director to earn a Vimeo Staff Pick.”

About – Nayt (born 9 November, 1994) is an Italian rapper. He debuted in 2011 with the single ‘No Story’ and his first album titled Nayt One was released on 7 May, 2012. Nayt is best known for his trilogy Raptus (2015), Raptus 2 (2017) and Raptus 3 (2019), re-released in a collection box edition by Jive Records on 10 May, 2019.