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EDITORIAL THE PLANT Issue 21 with vases & stills by Ilaria ORSINI c/o BIRD PRODUCTION

20.06.2024 • Ilaria ORSINI c/o BIRD PRODUCTION photographed thrilling objects and ceramics for THE PLANT Issue 21 (creative direction by Carol Montpart Studio). A treasure trove of botanical content provided in an original manner, THE PLANT grants plant aficionados a fresh glimpse at greenery, featuring the works of creatives who also love plants. To remind us all of brighter days, it’s chock full of stories about flowers in bloom and dreamlike gardens.

Issue 21 is an invitation to reimagine how we relate with the world around us, and with other beings, be they humans, animals or plants. You’ll find flowers, florists and vases, bees and beekeepers, woods and crafters, fabrics and designers, poets and thinkers, grapefruits and lemons.

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EDITORIAL ‘Bloom Time’ – photographer Maximilian VIRGILI c/o LGA MANAGEMENT visits REID’S PALACE in Madeira for MONDES Magazine by the BELMOND Group

19.06.2024 • BELMOND stands for understated luxury – and that worldwide. Belmond Ltd., which conducted business formerly as Orient-Express Hotels Ltd, is a hospitality and leisure company that operates luxury hotels and provides train services as well as river cruises around the globe. Ín 2015, the company owned 35 deluxe hotels, 7 tourist trains, 3 river cruise lines, and restaurants in 22 countries.

For BELMOND HOTELS, Maximilian VIRGILI c/o LGA MANAGEMENT photographed the ‘Bloom Time’ spread for the company’s MONDES Magazine at REID’S PALACE in Madeira.

In December 2018, the company founded by American entrepreneur James Sherwood in 1976 approved a takeover by LVHM as part of a 3.2 billion dollar deal – upon which the company was delisted on the New York stock exchange and has since been privately owned.

GoSee : belmond.com

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EDITORIAL Model ❤️‍🔥 Agnes Ida Matilda Berg ❤️‍🔥 in TMRW Magazine – photos by Stefan SNYMAN c/o B&A REPS GERMANY

19.06.2024 •

ARTIST Stefan Snyman c/o B&A REPS Germany
PRODUCTION superstudio
POST PRODUCTION Gabrielle Snyman
STYLING Pernilla M. Ehrenholm
MODEL Agnes Ida Matilda Berg c/o Le Management

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