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EVENTS 'With Open Eyes' – ARTE and Gillian LAUB c/o LGA MANAGEMENT analyze the iconic photo of the family of American basketball player LeBron Raymone James Sr., photographed for VANITY FAIR US – and meet LGA MGMT at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

24.01.2023 • The ARTE headline : “A photo of a family dinner – sounds like not such a big thing? Well, I guess that depends on the family! LeBron James, American Basketball superstar, billionaire and the voice of the Black Lives Matter movement, opened the doors to his estate in Los Angeles for a photographer.

When US magazine Vanity Fair presented a photo of the James family at dinner on 13 September, 2022, Twitter and other media channels were buzzing with excitement. The story about an athlete from a humble background who rose to become the king of basketball coins the old cliché of the American Dream and celebrates African-American pop culture.”

Together with photographer Gillian LAUB c/o LGA MANAGEMENT and the specialist for American civilization, Pierre Cras, ‘With Open Eyes’ analyzed the photo – and you can open the corresponding article using the link below.

ARTE is a public TV broadcaster headquartered in Straßburg, France. It is operated as part of a French-German cooperation by the two members Arte Germany in Baden-Baden and Arte France in Issy-les-Moulineaux near Paris.

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EVENTS HOMININAE HELVETICA’ – an art project by Studio Thom Pfister and TERENCE DU FRESNE to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Bernese guild society ‘zum Affen’

14.01.2023 • ‘Homininae Helvetica’ was created on commission of Studio Thom Pfister and Burgerliche Ersparniskasse (BEK) for the 700th anniversary of the guild society ‘zum Affen’. The elaborate photo montage unites the themes of Bern, the stonemason handicraft and monkeys. Idea, concept, photography, and retouching/compositing all came from TERENCE DU FRESNE.

The guild society ‘zum Affen’ is one of the thirteen ancient craftsman societies and guilds (guild society of stonemasons and engravers) in the city of Bern and a corporation under public law guaranteed by the constitution of the canton of Bern. The guildhall is located on Kramgasse 5 in Bern’s old town district and can be immediately recognized by the red monkey on the facade. The guild society ‘zum Affen’ is mentioned in historical sources for the first time as a fraternity of stonemasons in the year 1321 and is therefore one of the oldest guild societies of the city of Bern and in Switzerland.

“Artists, gifted as they are in the art of imitation, were already referred to as the ‘monkeys of God’ during the times of early Christianity....

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EVENTS Visiting IKAL HOTEL Tulum, Mexico – with photos by Uta GLEISER c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

14.01.2023 • “Conceived as a sanctuary, the IKAL community is a place to live in complete harmony with the spirit and to connect with our own nature. Discover our private jungle and Mayan Sanctuary with turquoise waters, beautiful endemic nature, endless blue skies – and full of unique experiences. It will be our honor to have you as our guest!” IKAL Hotel.

Uta GLEISER c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographed at IKAL HOTEL Tulum, Mexico, and we have the motifs for you on GoSee.News.

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EVENTS Global Peace Photo Award 2022 lauds Indian photographer Sourav Das for the ‘Peace Image of the Year’ - photos from the event and further winners presented by Edition Lammerhuber

29.11.2022 • On 14 November, 2022, the winners of the international Global Peace Photo Award competition were awarded the Alfred Fried Peace Medal at the Austrian Parliament for the tenth time. The main prize Peace Image of the Year 2022 of 10,000 euros went to the Indian photographer Sourav Das with an image from his reportage on how, during the worldwide Corona-related education emergency, the initiative of the Indian teacher Deepnarayan Nayak turned the walls of the houses in his village into school blackboards. The best peace image in the children’s and youth category, ‘Children’s Peace Image of the Year’ 2022, worth 1000 euros, was won by 10-year-old Zoya Yeadon from Mauritius.

In his welcoming speech, Wolfgang Sobotka, President of the Austrian National Council, emphasized the extraordinary cooperation with the Global Peace Photo Award and how important it is to provide a forum for peace in these times. In the future, this commitment will be even more noticeable in the Austrian Parliament. The pictures of the award winners will each be shown in the auditorium for one year. This is the...

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EVENTS Record number of visitors at the open-air Photo Festival in La Gacilly-Baden near Vienna – photo art and garden art melt into a carbon-neutral visitor magnet

07.11.2022 • The final day of the Photo Festival in Baden, on 16 October 22, broke all previous records. In weather fit for a kaiser, a total of 9,865 photo aficionados flooded the small streets and gardens of the World Heritage town. This resulted in an increase of 31% in the number of visitors in Baden alone compared to the year before.

All together, 485,277 visitors came to the La Gacilly-Baden Photo Festival and its exhibition partners in Tulln and Celje. While 103,207 guests came to Tulln, the exhibition in Celje, themed upon the topic of ‘Peace’, attracted 142,000 photography fans. Adding the 300,000 visitors of La Gacilly in Brittany makes the cooperation between the festivals La Gacilly and Baden, with almost 800,000 visitors, by far the largest open-air photography exhibition in Europe.

“My deepest respect and compliments for your incredible multimedia cultural work with regard to both the art on display and organization of the event, currently in two respects: the Festival La Gacilly-Baden and the grand opening with peace photos in Celje, presenting an artistic, and utterly humane...

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