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EVENTS GoSee Tip : ARLES 2022 – LES RENCONTRES DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE – ‘VISIBLE OR INVISIBLE, A SUMMER REVEALED’ – more than 40 exhibitions, the Women In Motion Award, ARLES BOOKS FAIR, workshops, … await you

29.06.2022 • THE TIMES OF ARLES. What a strange year. Despite a brutal war raging outside the gates of Europe, Mayor Patrick de Carolis of the French city Arles wants us all to take a deep breath, and for us to take a break to think, to decipher and explore the world around us. And the festival LES RENCONTRES DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE wants to give us time to do precisely that once again this year. Time to explore the bodies of men and women together with more than 160 artists. Around 40 exhibitions are about to show that the world has never known peace, but that there are women and men who have always done whatever they can in the name of peace…

The 53rd Rencontres d’Arles is opening its doors on Monday, 4 July, 2022, kicking things off with a big party – with music and images from the Indian subcontinent and its neighboring countries. GoSee Corespondent Rolf Scheider is there to report his highlights for us.

After two long years, the essential opening week event is back – a visual stroll through around fifty photographic works, presented in a looped projection onto multiple large screens. Throughout...

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EVENTS GoSee loves … STRIKE A POSE – this was the second issue of the festival for fashion, art and style from 24 through 26 June 2022 in Düsseldorf 

29.06.2022 • For the second time – from 24 through 26 June, 2022 – the STRIKE A POSE Festival has staged cross-genre intersections between fashion and art at the Museum K21 in the Ständehaus venue and in galleries throughout Düsseldorf’s metropolitan area. Jury Chairperson Ilona Marx, (fashion expert, journalist) explains : “Just how fashion and art take flight in symbiosis, while exchanging ideas and leading one another to new horizons, is what we had the pleasure of experiencing at the first edition of the festival last year in July – and we were once again surprised this year by all the creativity and visionary competition entries.” Tina Husemann from put together a wonderful review for us.

The winners of strike – a pose Awards 2022 for the two best cooperations are artist Karen Paulina Biswell and designer Angelika Kammann (SOCIÉTÉ ANGELIQUE) with the gallery wildpalms (Düsseldorf), as well as artist Anna Virnich and designer Annelie Schubert with the gallery DREI from Cologne, who presented their work in K21.

The three-day festival program consisted in 2022 of the Gallery Day...

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EVENTS ‘All In’ – SPIELBANKEN BAYERN launches a new image campaign, photographed by FRANK LÜBKE

28.06.2022 • SPIELBANKEN BAYERN is kicking off a new image campaign – staged by FRANK LÜBKE. With this large-scale campaign, Spielbanken Bayern is advertising its new casinos in the Free State and putting their unique spectrum of entertainment – from stage performances to a bar, restaurant and, of course, casinos – front and center. The campaign was conceived and realized by advertising agency FJR from Munich.

The photo shoot and filming took place in the noble ambiance of the Spielbank Bad Kissingen casino under the direction of Munich-based celebrity and advertising photographer Frank Lübke. For which he used what is referred to as the macro lens technology to produce the detail shots of big games such as roulette or poker never before seen is this form.

“The nine casinos of the Free State of Bavaria whisk guests away to unique worlds all about entertainment, thrilling experiences and, of course, a bit of luck. Our houses offer unmistakable event character. From culture to shows, culinary art, the thrill of the moment or creating happy memories – our casinos fascinate their visitors in...

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EVENTS CAMPING  EDITION LAMMERHUBER presents you the sensual-intellectual-pragmatic attempt by Verena Andrea Prenners to artistically comprehend the miscondition of life in refugee camps and make us all accomplices to her sociopolitical studies

26.06.2022 • After graduating with a degree in sociology, Verena Prenner moved to the Middle East. During her stay, she received a funding grant for a project in the Palestinian West Bank. Out of interest for sociological issues, she chose to live in a refugee camp. Besides working on the project at hand, examining the impact of Israel’s security wall on the living and working conditions of Palestinian taxi drivers, Verena Andrea Prenner was given the opportunity to work as a photographer at Muslim weddings. At the same time, she began studying life in the camp: How did the precarious living conditions affect the individuals? How was the community organized, what were its structures? And how did the life there affect her personally?

Daily routines are shaped by the Muslim culture and religion, a life between haram and halal, what is forbidden and what is allowed. Leaving only minimal individual space, especially for women. Residents were surprised about her, as a single woman, moving into the camp. She was soon seen as an Israeli or Palestinian spy and as an inferior woman.

Countless eyes...

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EVENTS This is not a suitcase – A Selection of Photobooks from Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2021/22 on an exhibition tour of Iran

21.06.2022 • The historical city Kashan, located at the edge of the desert three highway hours south of Tehran, has developed over the past years into an impressive new hub of international photography in Iran – whose size and significance remains almost entirely unknown in Germany.

In old historical buildings, no less than three houses for contemporary art have been established: House of Steve in 2019 with iconic photos by Magnum photographer Steve McCurry, the gallery house Hasht Cheshmeh Art Space in a former silk factory as an exhibition space for young art, and then House of Lucie, which opened in spring 2022 with nearly 600 photographs by more than 150 female and male photographers.

The House of Lucie is one of the most important photographic institutions of the southern hemisphere. Currently under development in Kashan despite difficult conditions due to US sanctions are two further museums for contemporary art as well as Persian calligraphy owned by Iranian-British art collector Homa Zarabi, who already donated her art book collection to the city years ago in the form of a public...

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