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GoSee presents : the free online summit ‘Model 4.0’ on the topic of ‘Artificial Intelligence in Advertising’ (23 May 2024)

ZAV Models invites you to the free online summit MODEL 4.0 on ‘AI IN ADVERTISING – COMPETITION | REVOLUTION | TRANSFORMATION’, where they will speak with industry players about chances and challenges.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly permeating the advertising sector. Today, campaigns generated with AI, and even AI models, are already used almost ubiquitously. But what will our advertising commissions of tomorrow be like as a consequence? Will models and performers still be hired? Will the algorithm take the helm? Or will everything turn out differently altogether? Precisely the questions the ZAV artist placement service will ask itself and the experts during the panel talk on 23 May 2024.

The online summit takes place on 23 May 2024 from 5pm to 7.30pm. Please register, as the number of participants is limited: https://streamyard.com/watch/ETCnAxdrvcgz.

Arno Lindemann (Creative Partner Scholz & Friends Hamburg) “Who’s Afraid of AI? – Chances & Risks of Using AI”

Sven Bliedung von der Heide (CEO of Volucap) “Between Vision and Virtuosity: Germany’s Pioneer of the AI-driven Media Revolution”

Marcus Hotze (attorney specialized in trademark and copyright law at Heussen) “Generative AI in Film and Photo Production – What’s the Legal Side?”

Sandra Fensterseifer (Senior Product Owner – Digital Banking Solutions Commerzbank AG)

Laura-Marie Schurer (model, actress, master’s student of intercultural communication)

Jennifer Harre (ZAV artist placement service)

Chair of the panel will be Claudia Bechstein, a business psychologist and model, whose focus is on topics such as digital transformation, new work, artificial intelligence (AI), data solutions, sustainability, and FinTech.

Don’t miss the get-together following the panel talk at the CLB Bar in Berlin.

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ZAV Panel Talk MODEL 4.0

ZAV Panel Talk MODEL 4.0