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Online coaching, portfolio viewing, first contact – welcome to GoSee.EXPERT

GoSee has now put a new tool at your fingertips : GoSee.EXPERT. The idea behind it : all creatives want to build a broader, more connected network. That takes time – and patience.

That’s where GoSee.EXPERT comes in : because sometimes you want things to go a little bit faster. You have a project and are looking for a publisher? You’re a photographer looking for an agent? Or an agent and would like to show an art buyer at agency XYZ work by your new photographer? You are perhaps a producer searching for production companies on a different continent? All you have to do is schedule a meeting with the EXPERTs using GoSee.EXPERT.

EXPERTs, all certified by GoSee, can create an account with GoSee.EXPERT and set up a calendar with their available time slots for B2B video calls. Each video call takes place for the duration of 30 minutes. EXPERTs can set their fixed rate themselves. We recommend a rate of € 50, but some calls may be free of charge or cost considerably more.

The benefits are obvious :
- Search proactively for an EXPERT who is perfect for you on GoSee.
- No need for small talk – get straight to the point.
- Notice immediately if the chemistry is right.
- Take notes in the app (both callers and EXPERTs).
- Record your calls.
- Save a list of your FAVORITES.
- Enjoy automatic accounting with PDF receipts available for download.

And last but not least : GoSee.EXPERT saves you travel expenses. How often meetings are postponed, cancelled, … or you are ushered out politely after only ten minutes. We all know the feeling.

GoSee.EXPERT is like speed dating for creatives – No more lengthy first contact. You can now place a video call to Brazil and consult an EXPERT just like that. Or talk about your idea directly with a photographer of your choice. No strings attached – because the call is booked by you at the charged rate.

You would like to protect your privacy. So would we. The video call takes place in a safe space on GoSee. The caller receives neither the cell phone number nor the email address of the EXPERT. We even left out the chatbot. Whatever is spoken during a video call remains, of course, between EXPERT and caller.

The photographer of your choice hasn’t activated GoSee.EXPERT yet? Just send the photographer a request. Providing your IBAN – plus GoSee certification – is all it takes to activate the account.

If you already have a GoSeeAccount, you can log in to GoSee.EXPERT with your user name and password. If not, you can register here free of charge : GoSee.NEWS/register.
GoSee : gosee.expert

GOSEE EXPERT - Your renumerated B-To-B Video Call Platform

GOSEE EXPERT - Your renumerated B-To-B Video Call Platform