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EVENTS The VOGUE Closet exhibition for Gallery Weekend in Berlin – presents iconic VOGUE covers, vintage & circular fashion, plus The VOGUE Collection with a pop-up shop

24.04.2024 • VOGUE Germany is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year – and to mark the occasion, is bringing fashion and art to life with its VOGUE Closet exhibition. With the format, which took place for the first time in Italy in 2023, we would like to illustrate how closely fashion and culture mutually depend on one another, which is just perfect for the Gallery Weekend in Berlin.” says Kerstin Weng, Head of Editorial Content at VOGUE Germany.

VOGUE : “During Gallery Weekend in Berlin, we don’t simply want to take a look back on the last few decades together with you in the VOGUE Closet exhibition, but instead shine a spotlight specifically on the fashion topics which have had a formative impact and are still of aesthetic and cultural relevance to this day. On 26 and 27 April, in the exhibition space of Notagallery in Berlin, visitors have the chance to experience five carefully curated, overarching fashion topics from the last 45 years firsthand. To design the content, we consciously collaborated with designers from Germany as well as various fashion institutions.

The ‘Body...

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EVENTS GoSee presents : the free online summit ‘Model 4.0’ on the topic of ‘Artificial Intelligence in Advertising’ (23 May 2024)

24.04.2024 • ZAV Models invites you to the free online summit MODEL 4.0 on ‘AI IN ADVERTISING – COMPETITION | REVOLUTION | TRANSFORMATION’, where they will speak with industry players about chances and challenges.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly permeating the advertising sector. Today, campaigns generated with AI, and even AI models, are already used almost ubiquitously. But what will our advertising commissions of tomorrow be like as a consequence? Will models and performers still be hired? Will the algorithm take the helm? Or will everything turn out differently altogether? Precisely the questions the ZAV artist placement service will ask itself and the experts during the panel talk on 23 May 2024.

The online summit takes place on 23 May 2024 from 5pm to 7.30pm. Please register, as the number of participants is limited:

Arno Lindemann (Creative Partner Scholz & Friends Hamburg) “Who’s Afraid of AI? – Chances & Risks of Using AI”

Sven Bliedung von der Heide (CEO of Volucap) “Between Vision and Virtuosity: Germany’s Pioneer of the...

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EVENTS ‘THANK YOU, UPDATE 2024 : IT WAS A BLAST!’ B&A REPS Germany presented a creative fireworks display full of photography, animation, illustration and AI on two days of UPDATE-24-BERLIN

22.04.2024 • The global management agency – representing photographers, illustrators, animators, design studios, CGI artists, hair & makeup artists, and stylists – came to the UPDATE Salon in Berlin once again to showcase what it does best alongside its creative solution providers. Ilse Johanne Pfeiffer from the Berlin office was supported by Sam Summerskill, Director of B&A REPS London, and Beth Wightman, Head of Photography in London. Also at the booth for visitors to meet was Juan Valarezo, Executive Producer and the new fresh face of the renowned CGI studio GARRIGOSA, as well as Julian von Lintel, the son of famous fine art photographer Andreas von Lintel.

A real eye-catcher was the XXL booth adorned with a captivating motif by Pol Kurucz, the talented photographer and director who recently photographed the global campaign for Tinder. The French artist, residing in Los Angeles, uses a fascinating combination of photography, 3D and AI techniques to create his surreal worlds. His works are marked by vibrant colors and an almost satirical approach to storytelling – often laced, upon closer...

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EVENTS Our UPDATE.Salon 24 thrilled visitors on two whole days with exciting exhibitors, an AI panel talk and numerous visitors from the areas of creation, fashion, production and editorial

19.04.2024 • Our UPDATE.SALON has come to an end. Following a fantastic and inspiring first day, exhibitors and visitors alike could look forward to a second day featuring an inspiring ‘AI’ panel talk as an opener with an audience of 200 creatives.

That’s not all : even more ADs, CDs, art producers, brands… came to UPDATE on the second day. Plus, photographers from exhibiting agencies and several GoSee artists took the opportunity for speed dating with BMW, BBDO, DOUGLAS and SERVICEPLAN.

Couldn’t make it to Berlin? Don’t worry, with our new GoSee.EXPERT tool, you can request a meeting with exhibitors, creatives and even the members of our jury – for a 30-minute TALK via video call.

Use your video call for everything from presentation to portfolio viewing. Present your latest project, introduce a new artist… Or as a photographer or brand, you can also take the opportunity to have a look at production companies from anywhere in the world – like, for instance, India, Spain, Poland, Sweden or even Brazil – and find out all about the production options they have to offer. As you see, the new tool can...

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EVENTS HERSPECTIVE : See You at UPDATE.Salon This Week !

17.04.2024 • A year has gone by, and we are all here once again – ready for a new round. Let’s go through new portfolios together that are full of inspiration, creativity and female empowerment.

So stop by, spark up a conversation, and let us discover new horizons together. Feel free to schedule a personal meeting, but you’re also more than welcome to come on the spur of the moment. We can’t wait to hear all the stories you have to tell !

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