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EVENTS UPDATE-24-BERLIN : focuses on BEAUTY, TRANSPORTATION & ADVERTISING … and is looking forward to two constructive days with exhibitors from all corners of the globe

26.02.2024 • Flaconi, Wella, Douglas, Cartier, Lancôme, Kérastase, … the focus of UPDATE this year is on BEAUTY. Meet the art producers and art buyers from global player brands all over the world at UPDATE-24-BERLIN.

Of course, it’s not strictly about beauty : TRANSPORTATION, as you know, is always a big thing here at GoSee – and the same goes for UPDATE. Take for instance our upcoming NEWS SPECIAL next week themed exclusively upon TRANSPORTATION.

There’s also FILM as well as CASTING, STILLS, HMS, PRODUCTION, POST PRODUCTION, ILLUSTRATION all first in class and the industry – and all exhibitors at UPDATE. Whether they’re coming to the event with an agent or personally, like Mierswa-Kluska, aka mplusk films. An extensive program awaits you at Telegraphenamt, definitely the hottest spot in Berlin.

All the more wonderful that exhibitors have two whole days this year – to meet, greet and mingle, spark up stimulating conversations… at brunch breakfast or grabbing a drink after work – after all, things did get a little tight trying to fit everything into only one day. We hope that spreading the...

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EVENTS Photo, Film, AI, Illustration, … the GoSeeAWARDS are looking forward to your submitted projects

24.02.2024 • At the GoSeeAWARDS, we’re not looking for the best portrait or food photographers. It’s not so much about categories – it’s much more about inspiration. We all know how important inspiration is to get the creative juices flowing. Inspiration fuels our thought process, lets us see the world a bit differently, and last but not least, gives us hope.

Inspiration carries us throughout our day. Whether the inspiration comes from a conversation or, like at the GoSeeAWARDS, from a photo spread, an illustration project, a film or an AI study. We ask ourselves together with the jury : what’s moving and shaking the creative industry, what’ll be the next trend, and who has their finger on the pulse of our times?

The GoSeeAWARDS are a good platform to present who you are and your projects to industry experts. Made up of top-notch art producers, art buyers and brands, the GoSeeAwards jury votes online just like every year – making it more convenient for them to view your work in peace. We’ll keep you posted on who’ll be on our jury in the weeks to come here on GoSee.News.

Participation won’t cost...

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EVENTS Online coaching, portfolio viewing, first contact – welcome to GoSee.EXPERT

20.02.2024 • GoSee has now put a new tool at your fingertips : GoSee.EXPERT. The idea behind it : all creatives want to build a broader, more connected network. That takes time – and patience.

That’s where GoSee.EXPERT comes in : because sometimes you want things to go a little bit faster. You have a project and are looking for a publisher? You’re a photographer looking for an agent? Or an agent and would like to show an art buyer at agency XYZ work by your new photographer? You are perhaps a producer searching for production companies on a different continent? All you have to do is schedule a meeting with the EXPERTs using GoSee.EXPERT.

EXPERTs, all certified by GoSee, can create an account with GoSee.EXPERT and set up a calendar with their available time slots for B2B video calls. Each video call takes place for the duration of 30 minutes. EXPERTs can set their fixed rate themselves. We recommend a rate of € 50, but some calls may be free of charge or cost considerably more.

The benefits are obvious :
- Search proactively for an EXPERT who is perfect for you on GoSee.
- No need for small talk –...

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EVENTS ‘AI meets reality - bring it on !’ - the GoSeeAWARDS ‘24 are looking forward to your submitted projects

08.02.2024 • The GoSeeAWARDS are now open for submissions ! 2024 is the year of changes … As we all know, Pluto entered Aquarius on 21 August, 2024. And since Pluto is the transformative dwarf planet in Astrology – it brings us opportunities for personal growth.

Just like the GoSeeAWARDS – aka, our exclusive creative viewing by a top-notch jury made up of art buyers, art producers and brands. Even more exciting than ever this year : thanks to our new EXPERT tool, we now offer the finalists VIDEO CALLS with handpicked EXPERTS. Each call made to measure just for them.

You have a transportation project? We have the EXPERT who will gladly go over it with you in a video call. The same goes for fashion, for reportage, advertising, you name it … Projects can include editorials, travel reports, personal art projects, or a CGI study. A little reminder : please, do not submit multi-picture entries.

We’ll gladly support our finalists in finding their change, renewal, and personal development. And since 2024 is a big year for the sun – it looks like everything’s lined up in our favor!

To participate – free...

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EVENTS ‘Broken Silence, Unbroken Heart’ – ARTHELPS presents RESISTRUMENTS, music from weaponry, played by young people surviving the horror in Ukraine

06.02.2024 • Unfortunately, we will soon be remembering the Russian invasion of Ukraine almost two years ago for the second time. For this reason, ARTHELPS knew it had to send a message of hope : “Especially at this time, we don’t want to forget the children and young people in Ukraine. The music video with the RESISTRUMENTS was only the beginning. It is meant to break the silence and show that the courage of the Ukrainian children and young people remains unbroken.”

In the media, things have gotten quieter about the war in Ukraine. Even more reason for ARTHELPS to draw attention to the work it does in the wartorn country. In close cooperation with local partners, ARTHELPS supports numerous children and young people who are all severely traumatized by the ongoing war.

The children and young people not only receive art therapy treatment but also psychological care and support. The number of traumatized people in the Ukraine is continuously increasing.

“The therapists are coached by us specifically in the area of art therapy to expand their repertoire of methods and possible interventions. In...

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