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FASHION KADEWE commercial with hair & makeup artist Liset GARZA c/o NINA KLEIN (Director: IAKOVOS KALAITZAKIS c/o SHOTVIEW)

28.06.2022 • Liset GARZA c/o NINA KLEIN is now represented by NINA KLEIN and was just in charge of beauty in a production for KADEWE, which we are delighted to present you here on GoSee.

Liset is known above all for her bold and colorful looks laced with subtle details at the interface of art and design. Her friendly, approachable nature and her constant pursuit of inspiration make her a particularly creative addition to any team.

From her earliest years growing up in Southern California, Liset has had a passion for makeup. Whether sneaking into her mother’s room to watch her put on makeup, begging her to buy her first Vogue magazine, her childhood love for fashion and makeup has only grown stronger.

Gravitating towards the fashion industry, she made the move from Los Angeles to New York City and immediately immersed herself in the world of assisting renowned makeup artists and testing her skills with up-and-coming photographers.

Her three biggest influences in the makeup world are Dick Page, Val Garland and Lottie. The pairing of these great mentors along with her versatile skill set creates...

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