22.06.2021  •  Fashion NEWS


POLO SOUTH AFRICA - Pioneers of style since 1976 - with an atmospheric fashion film by Nadia von SCOTTI c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN, produced under the sun of South Africa

Purity, energy & beauty – the works by Nadia von Scotti are marked by soft light, sensual subjects and a strong connection to nature. She presents us a fashion film here on GoSee for POLO SOUTH AFRICA. Head of Brand was Alia Peer, Creative Director at Polo Distribution. Find out more and see more work in the area of fashion and film via KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN.

POLO was founded in 1976 by Gordon Joffe along with two former Monatic executives, Ronnie Lange and Freddie Barnet, as well as Stuart Shub from Rex Trueform… The Polo factory became a leading manufacturer of shirts in South Africa, also producing for prominent local brands. In 1978, Gordon expanded his production and started manufacturing shirts for international brands, including Christian Dior and Lanvin. He also exported Polo shirts internationally to the UK and Switzerland… In 1998, the ‘Polo and Pony’ trademark was purchased by the LA Group (Pty) Ltd which continues to build on the legacy and development of the brand further into the SA Market. Polo now employs a vast array of specialist designers, buyers, planners, merchandisers, and a procurement team which delivers seasonal collections of menswear, womenswear, kid’s apparel, homeware, and accessories. Polo is sold in Polo flagship stores, leading department stores and selected independent stores in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.