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PHOTOGRAPHERS Mc Crispy Homestyle Honey Mustard Bacon in perfection – DOP DIRK WEYER presents you the TV commercial for MC DONALD’S and the agency Scholz & Friends

26.09.2022 • “The McCrispy® Homestyle Honey Mustard Bacon is a real sweetheart. A fine piece of chicken breast marinated in buttermilk – juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside – tender farmstead cheese from Germany with hearty strips of bacon and fried onions between sweet and savory honey mustard sauce. Try it now and fall in love!” McDonald’s.

To create the prefect homestyle look of the 10-second TVC, DIRK WEYER was booked as DOP. The executive agency was Scholz & Friends.

Dirk Weyer creates still life and moving images for international brands. Through his years of work for high-end clients such as Montblanc, Miele and Rimowa, Dirk has developed to become one of the most renowned specialists for aesthetically sophisticated product photography and film.

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TRANSPORTATION antoni Berlin produces a 15-min. film for the world premiere of the MERCEDES-BENZ GLC – styling by Niki PAULS c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management

22.09.2022 • CREDITS
Agency: Antoni Berlin
Executive Creative Directors: Christopher Hoene & Christian Kies
Creative Directors: Daniel Duhn &Ursel Barwinski
Agency Producer: Roman Zeitz
Managing Directors: Christina Müller, Marcell Francke, Tilman Gossner & Daniel Dürbeck
Casting : Beth Melsky, Lesley Beastall
Stylists: Niki Pauls &Valter Kobal
Production Design: Krejzlik Martin
Grading: Julien Alary

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FILM A Hamburg Hit ! The iconic brand ASTRA Granate Energy w/o alcohol – with eye-catching motifs by Benne OCHS c/o EMEIS DEUBEL

22.09.2022 • ASTRA is now available without the juice – non-alcoholic and packs a punch. With Astra Granate Energy 0.0%, the iconic brand from St. Pauli is shaking up the alcohol-free market : As a soft drink with pomegranate flavor plus guarana, taurine and caffeine. Benne OCHS c/o EMEIS DEUBEL realized two motifs, which we present you here on GoSee.

“We wouldn’t be Astra if we brought out just any alcohol-free beer : For us, it’s always a bit louder, more colorful, more exciting and more over the top. A classic non-alcoholic beer just wouldn’t cut it,” says Svenja Wohlers, Senior Brand Manager of Astra in the press release. “We’ve been carrying the idea for Granate Energy 0.0% around with us on the streets of Hamburg for some time now – it was always clear to us that we had to come up with a non-alcoholic product that the market hadn’t seen before,” says Gunnar Fischer, Managing Director Marketing at Carlsberg Germany.

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ADVERTISING ‘Own The Floor’ - NIKE Korea supports the Team Korea breakdancing crew on their way to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, and we have the spot by Jean-Yves LEMOIGNE c/o MAKING PICTURES for you on GoSee.NEWS

21.09.2022 • At the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics, breakdancing competitions were held for the very first time. And in Paris, the time has finally come : At the 2024 Olympics in Paris, B-boys and B-girls will break for Olympic medals for the first time. The next huge milestone for a thus officially recognized sport, which originated – before taking the world by storm – in the urban jungle of the Bronx.

NIKE Korea called upon Jean-Yves LEMOIGNE c/o MAKING PICTURES to immortalize the Team Korea breakdancing crew with a spot on its way to the 2024 Olympics in Paris. And the campaign claim ‘Own The Floor’ nails it – perfect moves by highly concentrated athletes. Because : Korea loves breaking.

The South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has already promoted breakdancing as a prominent part of the nation’s cultural life, and a number of government-sponsored breakdancing competitions are held each year. All the more demanding is the sport when it comes to skill. Without years of training put into perfecting their moves, dancers don’t stand a chance.

How the breakdancing competitions will...

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ADVERTISING Offbeat. Unexpected. Unknowable. – JPPS CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS produce the PUPCHEN Shoes launch campaign featuring Moroccan beauty Aouatif Saadi in Paris

21.09.2022 • “PUPCHEN is an eye-catching new brand of sustainable women’s footwear designed in Paris and handmade in Italy.” says JPPS.

And JPPS had a lot of fun producing the launch campaign, consisting of five video clips and a series of stills featuring the beautiful and bubbly Aouatif Saadi as the face, and foot for that matter, of the new shoe brand.

“Pupchen is a doll who plays with the world. Not the other way around.” Pupchen.

Photography and videography by Ukrainian native Julia Romanovskaya, creative direction by Myari-Studio, styling by Natalie Yuksel, and hair & makeup by Flavio Nunes. Full production, art buying and casting by JPPS CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS.

“We found the perfect partners for Pupchen in Maison Massaro, a member of Chanel’s métiers d’arts, and Nillab, an Italian footwear factory. Nillab believed in the collection from the moment we met and worked with us to bring Pupchen to life.” Pupchen.

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